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Best Tips for for Wedding Photo Sessions

wedding pohoto session

Wedding photo sessions are a big responsibility for photographer since they have to create unforgettable and unique memories for bride and groom. In 10 years the couple looking at their wedding photos, they will cherish memories of that day. Here a list of tips on how to plan the perfect wedding photo session: 

  • Consider lighting when scheduling your photo session. Lighting is essential for the result of your photos, a good photographer knows how to use natural light at its best. If you are planning to take photos in an indoor location try to find a spot with large windows. 


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  • Make a list of shots that you consider mandatory, not more that 20-25 must-have shots so that you have also time for spontaneity. That way the photographer will know what are the photos he has to take during your photo session. This is crucial and we suggest to talk about it during the meeting you have with the photographer before the wedding. You can also ask the best man or the bridesmaid to help you with the list of mandatory photos. They might help looking for people who might need to be in that specific shot. 

1 (366)


  • Retouch your make up. Before starting your photo session is important to retouch your make-up and hair, since you have already gone through the ceremony, hugged people and run to the photo session location. So you better bring with you your make-up artist or a little beauty-case with mascara, lipstick, powder, your hairbrush, and hairpins. 
  • Make sure to have bride solo and groom solo shots. They should be included in your must-have shots list. Also do not forget the first-look photos, so emotional and intimate moment. This is certainly a great way to represent couple’s feelings on the wedding day. 

Katrina & Franc

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  • Try to be relaxed, since every feeling will show in the photos. So first of all, try to fully enjoy your day, have a toast with your best friends, laugh with your family members and friends, so that you will also have these spontaneous and real shots.  

Katrina & Franc


Having great wedding photos will definitely help you cherish memories of that day. So give the wedding photography the right attention while planning your wedding. 




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Getting Married During COVID-19 Pandemic


Covid-19 pandemic has hit wedding industry badly, but as people are getting vaccinated and we have more weapons to fight against this pandemic we can also start planning small and middle-size gatherings. Many couples are now scheduling their weddings, booking services and the wedding planning coordination is starting again. However, we should consider that there is no “zero risk” event anymore, what we can do is to limit the risk and take all the necessary precautions.  

One thing we know for sure: weddings will be different but we will keep creating unique experiences for our couples. 


Here some useful tips if you are planning to get married in 2021 or 2022: 

  • Try to opt for an outdoor venue, in case you choose an indoor venue make sure there is the right amount of windows for ventilation purposes and that it’s big enough based on the number of your guests. 
  • Reduce the guest list and opt for a mid-size event instead of a big wedding. 


  • Live-stream your wedding, for people who do not feel safe to come, people that you had to cut from the guests list for COVID reasons, or people who are doing a quarantine can be there with you. 
  • Plan the seating arrangements smartly so that your guests will have the right security distance and there are no more than 8 people at each table. You might want to place at the same table people from the same household and do not mix people. 
  • Use signals on the floor to make people aware of the distance they have to keep at the buffet table or at the bar. Try to personalize them based on your wedding theme. 
  • Create one or two “sanitizing station” where your guests can find hand sanitizer and masks. Also place a basket with those items in each bathroom. 


  • Encourage your guests and wedding suppliers to do a COVID-19 test 24 hours before the wedding. You can also make arrangements and pay them. Depending on the country a negative test could be mandatory to take part in indoor event.


  • Send your guests the safety protocols to follow few days before the event to make sure that everybody is on the same page and avoid misunderstandings. 
  • After the wedding keep track of your guests and make sure to have all the contact numbers of guests and suppliers in case of unexpected COVID-19 cases.  
  • Las but not least get yourself a wedding planner, you will really need it now. 

For more information you can send us an email to or call us 703-822-5311. 




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wedding planner say i do in Peru

Due to the current situation Say I Do in Peru had to adapt to the new context and the uncertainty we are facing every day. Therefore, we decided to go international and serve our couples wherever they want to celebrate their marriage with a special long-distance consultancy service and new wedding packages. Here you can find more information on the changes we implemented and the new packages: 

wedding coordination

Also, we decided to take another move and we just opened our Facebook shop ( to sell these new packages and we will definitely add more useful services and resources to plan your wedding. So, stay tuned! 😊 

In the virtual shop you can also find a special service of 3-hour consultation with one of our wedding specialists, which is a key service for us:

virtual wedding This is a way to have advices from one of our experienced wedding specialists who will definitely help you with all the issues you might have. I am pretty sure that you have issues with your wedding planning process, it would be awkward if everything runs completely smoothly. For all the month of May this service comes with a big discount, you will basically end up paying only two hours of consultation instead of three. Yu might want to check it, and do not miss this one-hour free service. 

wedding planning

What are the issues you may discuss with our wedding specialist? We have basically no restrictions on what you can discuss with us, but here some examples: 

  • Seating arrangement for your wedding guests; 
  • Catering and menu suggestions; 
  • Ceremony timeline; 
  • Reception timeline; 
  • Vendor contracts review and advices; 
  • What should I ask to my wedding vendors? This is an extensive issue that deserve at least one-hour. 
  • You do not have a clue on the quantity of wine, champagne and alcohol you might need for the cocktail hour and the reception? We will help you with that, with our bar formula. 
  • Wedding Moodboard and how to prepare it. 
  • How to choose your own color palette. 
  • Thinking about postponing a wedding due to the COVID-19 pandemic? We will help you clarify what are the things you might consider to postpone it. 
  • Thinking about switching to a virtual wedding? We can help you with some advices. 

These are only some of the issues we can discuss, you can make us the questions you prefer and we will help you solve the “wedding issues you have with our precious advices. 

wedding-planning coordination

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Best Tips for Virtual Weddings

virtual wedding at home

Life as we knew it has quite changed recently due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and things will not be back to normal immediately. The COVID-19 outbreak confined all the world population to stay home safe, limiting travels, gatherings and promoting social distancing. That is obviously affecting weddings worldwide, couples who were planning to wed in these months see their plans on hold and they need to take a decision: postpone their wedding or find a Plan B. We will need to get used to social distanced weddings. 

wedding in times of coronavirus

A good Plan B for people who want to tie the know without waiting, no matter “how” they get married, is to opt for a virtual wedding with the support of an on-line platform such as zoom, google hangouts, skype, Webex, Houseparty among others. Technology is definitely your best ally in these difficult times! Here a list of the best app you can consider: 

  • Zoom:this platform offers free and paid plans. The free plan allows you to have group call of up to 100 guests for a maximum time of 40 minutes, so you might prefer one of the paid plans. For $14.99 per month you got the possibility of have group call of up to 100 people and you can meet for up to 24 hours, also your guests can interact and you can record the meeting since you have 1GB of space in the cloud.  

zoom wedding

virtual wedding covid

  • Facebook Live:you can create a private group and invite your guests to take part in it. Guests must have a Facebook account. In the group you can create a private event and your guests can RSVP directly online and you can take track of this. The group can be also a way for your guests to post their best wishes. The video will live on in the group as long as the group continues to exist. 

Wedding on fb live

  • Google hangouts:this is the Google’s videoconferencing service which allows up to 10 people to connect on the same call. It could be used for small weddings. There are also paid plans which allow to have up to 100 or up to 150 participants in the e-meeting. 

virtual wedding 3

You have plenty of choices, some of them are cheaper than other since you do not need to pay anything, others cost money but you can invite more than 100 people to join you and your fiancée in this joyful moment. And believe me … a joyful moment comes handy nowadays. Some platforms allow you to record the event, others just offer a livestreaming, such as Facebook Live and Instagram Live. Zoom is actually a great option, one of the most used lately. 

So, after picking the right platform for you, you might need to consider the following things: 

  • Get a marriage license(if you can): if you were planning to get married in these months you would probably have already a marriage license in your hands, so you do not need to worry about it. If you do not have it, try to get it at the office (If it’s open), or just get married without the license…really who cares, just have a symbolic and romantic virtual ceremony, once this will be over you will get legally married.  
  • Find an officiant:I know that social distance needs to be respected, but you still need a person to get you married guys and sing the marriage license. You can consider an outdoor ceremony respecting the distance of 1.5 meters between each other or some couples opted to get married through a window or across balconies. Another option is to have one of your friends or family members ordained to be an officiant, virtually doing it. 


  • Choose the right spot for your celebration:living room, dining room, backyard could also be an option if you have one, but check if your wifi connection is good there and make sure you can plug in Ipad for the meeting, Ipod for music or whatever tools you want to use. You can also think about working a bit on decoration, perhaps DIY ones with things you have at home. Just try to make it nicer than it normally looks. Get crafty! 
  • Charge your technology supplies: Ipod, Ipad, Laptop, Gopro, camera whatever you want to use, make sure that everything is fully charged, but still keep your charger close by, you never know. Also,if you have a tripod set it properly for steady viewings and make sure that the position is correct; perhaps you may consider doing a rehearsal before. 

get married online

  • Send invitee to guests:this will be a link in case of some platforms such as zoom or just tell them to follow your social media accounts. Make sure that everyone is set a couple of hours before doing a trial. 

marriage on zoom

  • Choose a host:this could be very useful, one of your friends or family members can be the host of the virtual meeting in case you choose platforms as Zoom or Webex, this way he is allowed to do things such as putting other people mics on mute or kick out people who do not follow the rules. 

wedding live

  • Music Playlist:prepare a playlist of your favorite music on Spotify or Itunes, this is up for you as long as you order the tracks considering the moments of the ceremony and the reception. Yes, you can also have a virtual reception. 

music for wedding

What are you waiting for? It seems to us that you have many options to set your Plan B. Should you need any assistance and help with the wedding planning, we are here for you, as always! 

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Say I do in Peru Goes International

wedding planner say i do

Coronavirus pandemic has certainly affected business worldwide, many are considering to close and many simply shut down their doors. At Say I do in Peru we want to stay positive as always, trying to make the best we can to cope with this difficult and unique situation. This exceptional moment has made us understand that businesses need to adjust to what is going on, to the changing people’s behaviors and definitely be more flexible on issues such as the products they sell and the market they target. That’s why we decided to step up to the new challenge and go international.

Katrina & Franc

We lunch a new range of products for wedding planning and coordination, including an e-package with many tools and resources for couples to plan and coordinate weddings of different sizes, from elopement to big weddings of 50+ guests wherever couples want to celebrate themDo you want to get married in your own country since you are scared that things are not going to get better soon? We are there for you! We will help you virtually with all the details of your wedding and we will provide you tools and resources for a stress-free wedding planning process. 

wedding coordination

The all idea is to offer the possibility to couples who wanted to get married in these months and did not want to postpone their plans. For instance, we have many couples that were planning a destination wedding in Peru for 2020 and they had to cancel their plans, since getting married abroad means travel, means that your family will have to travel to attend the wedding, so we understand this is not exactly the right time to do it They started thinking about a Plan B, such as getting married in their own country. So, wthought it would be good for them to keep working with us and we decided to lunch five products, which allow couples to have wedding planning and coordination services basically everywhere, knowing that Say I Do specialists are just one email away. 

  • E-package, including useful tools for the planning process, 3-hour consultation with one of our wedding specialists, and unlimited emails with us 
  • Private virtual weddingaddressed to those couples who want to elope just the two of them or couple who decided to have only few guests.  
  • Small private wedding, ideal for couples who want to get married surrounded by their direct family and close friends, up to 20 guestsSmall traditional wedding, ideal for couples who want a small wedding with approximately 40-50 guests.  
  • Weddingideal for couples who are thinking about hosting a big wedding with 50+ guests.

Say I do in Peru web

A part from the e-package, all the packages include the support of our team to develop a wedding schedule (you can learn more on our wedding schedule here: ), a wedding budget, the design of the wedding announcement or Save the Date to be sent out to your wedding guests, 3-hours consultation with a wedding specialist, unlimited emails with us, help with uploading information on your wedding website, coordination with wedding local vendors that you have already chosen, coordination for special dinner or events related to the wedding with vendors already chosen, summary of wedding payments and vendors confirmations, vendors contracts review, support with broadcast wedding, in case you opt for a virtual wedding though an on-line platform such as zoom or google hangout, honeymoon planning in South America and many other tools and resources which make the planning of your wedding much easier.  We also offer a video-editing service, the result is a video made off photos or videos taken during your wedding by your family members or friends. This service will allow you to cherish your wedding memories forever. 

Among the tools we provide to couples there are the following: 

  • Q&A for your wedding vendors with key questions to ask them 
  • Script for religious or symbolic ceremonies 
  • Color palettes tool and support, useful to define the colors of your wedding 
  • Customized To-do list for the whole process which will make your wedding planning a lot easier and help you keep track of things 

Say I do international

We made the decision to go international/virtual because we also believe in our work and in factors that really differentiate us on the market. First of all the experience in planning destination weddings really sets us apart, the details to consider are many and believe me at some point you will be desperate asking for assistance in the planning process. We also have experience working with foreign couples and suppliers so we are ready to the challenge. After a market research we also selected best value prices for our services, especially compared to local vendors, you’ll see that! We gave you the opportunity to have an open channel with us, that why we offer in our packages unlimited emails and calls with expert at no extra cost, because we are here for you and the requests and needs you have. One-to-one communication with our couples is one of our stronger weapons for a successful wedding. Also, we definitely are quick and reliable, we always get back to our couples by 24 hours with the answers they need. 

Remember that we are expert in customizing package, so we can definitely create a unique wedding package for you depending on your needs and the wedding you have in mind. Our promise is to make your wedding dreams a reality and we will never give up on it! 


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Elegant Destination Wedding Inspiration

beach wedding portada

Few weeks ago we had the opportunity to plan an elegant wedding in a charming oceanfront location nearby Lima and we felt in love with the decoration details. This wedding was all about flowers arrangements, flower centerpieces and a beautiful flower and foliage arch for the ceremony. The stunning venue did its part too, since all these elements combined with the location made everything even more perfect. Here I want to give you an idea of how the decoration details bride and groom choose really made a difference in creating the atmosphere they were looking for.

beach wedding venue

oceanfront wedding reception

When I received the call from the couple, I immediately understood that they were looking for a special location and this is really one of a kind. That is why I proposed them this beautiful oceanfront villa with romans architecture pieces, a little pool and a beautiful garden area. I also understood they were looking for an elegant wedding with a Peruvian touch, so me and my team tried heard to propose them little but meaningful decoration details. 

oceanfront venue

wedding in Peru

First, the charming and elegant arch! This was a super fluffy arch with foliage and flowers as ceremony backing. It was a great choice to have the ceremony in the evening under a beautiful sunset. The sunset light combined with the arch really created an outstanding atmosphere for unforgettable photos. 

wedding ceremony arch

wedding ceremony

As I said above, this wedding was all about flowers. Apart from the arch, the beautiful flower arrangements at the center of the buffet table added an elegant touch to the wedding reception.

buffet table wedding

The bar was one of a kind with the beautiful eucalypt foliage backing, highlighted by hanging light bulbs. At the side of the bar we placed two big flower arrangements, to create a perfect symmetryThe effect was very elegant and romantic.  

wedding bar section

Another beautiful decoration detail was the ceiling of the tent, which mixes foliage dangling lianas with ivory fabric. 

oceanfrony wedding reception catering

The table set up was very elegant, with a beautiful white, ivory and light pink roses with foliage, white tablecloth and crystal dishes with golden border. The chairs chosen for the reception were golden tiffany chairs with white cushions. 


The tree in the reception area was decorated with hanging jars with white candles, another elegant touch. 

wedding decoration

On the wooden table for the sweets we placed a huge flower arrangement in ivory, light pink tones with foliage with truffle towers and little traditional Peruvian sweets. 

sweet table wedding

wedding sweet table

Also the cake was very flowery, a beautiful three-tier with the top tier covered in gold fondant and decorated with white, red and gold flowers.  

wedding cake



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How to Design a Wedding Mood Board

wedding board

Nowadays planning a wedding could be a bit challenging, due to the enormous variety of existing wedding themes, trendy color palettes, wide range of flowers available, multiple table arrangements ideas, etc. That’s why we always suggest our couple to start from a wedding mood board, a collection of pictures from other weddings with ideas, colors, decorations they might like. You don’t know what a wedding mood board is? Ok, let’s start from the very beginning. A wedding mood board is the visual representation of your wedding, which should reflect your vision and inspiration. It should contain specific ideas, details and elements that must be included in your wedding design.

Making a mood board is not an easy task! We know that with Internet you have access to thousands of wedding ideas, wedding trends and so on, so you might need to spend a bit of time surfing the net and collecting ideas.

First step: questioning! Start asking yourself the basic questions, such as: When do I want to get married? Where am I going to get married? How many guests do I have? Among others. Try to answer these questions before designing your mood board.

wedding planning

Second step: choose your wedding theme, such as rustic, classic, glamourous, shabby, boho, etc.

wedding ceremony

Third step: it’s time to choose your color palette! Look into color palettes websites, there are many available. You can create your palette from an image, you have tons of options.

Wedding Color palette

Fourth step: Once you have a clear the wedding theme and the color palette you can start selecting more specific ideas searching the net. Try to divide idea, that will help you narrowing down the selections you make. For instance, you can divide your search in categories: wedding cake, table flower arrangements, ceremony arch, table settings, flower bouquets, etc.

mood board wedding

Fifth step: Once you have your first selection, try to narrow down the pictures you selected at first. For instance, if you have 5 flowers bouquet, reduce the selection to two options. I know this is not easy, but you have to try, otherwise you’ll end up having too many ideas on the table and this could be confusing.

mood board wedding cakes

Sixth step: create the mood board. You can use the tool you prefer, from Power Point to a simple Word, where you can paste the pics. Today we have other app and software you can use for creating your mood board. Pinterest is the one we use the most. It is very useful and efficient since you can share the board you create with your partner and work together. If you have a wedding planner, you can also share the board with him/her.

wedding board pinterest

Seventh step: check everything once again and see if you need to make any change or cut some ideas. Kee in mind that less is more, so try to include very specific details.mood board wedding final

I think that the mood board is a very effective way to plan a wedding, it makes things easy for us and for the couple itself. You should try to stick with the mood board and try to analyze any new idea considering the mood of your board. I mean if you want a classic ivory peonies bouquet, but you are planning a glamorous wedding with red roses flowers arrangements, you should probably stick to red roses bouquet. So, this tool will definitely help you out in the planning process. Also, it will reflect your idea, what you envision for your wedding and you must share it with your wedding suppliers so that they have a real sense of what you want for your special day.

So now guys, you have a lot to work to do before sending your wedding planner your mood board! 🙂


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How to do your own Photobooth

Photo booth wedding DIY

Photobooth has been considered a must have in weddings so far. It was a wedding trend few years ago, but now it seems that a wedding without a photobooth is not a real one! One of the first thing couples ask for lately s how to make their own photobooth without using a company specialized in this kind of service for events. We believe that is actually quite easy to have a nice “homemade” photobooth. Here we want to share a couple of ideas and tips for your customized and DIY wedding photobooth.

Wedding Photo album1

Tape Roller


polaroid for wedding

Instax mini Photography

Wedding Photo Booth

photobooth wedding background

photobooth wedding 1

  • If you want to hang up your guests photos, this is a nice option. A photo display with a peel and stick design which makes your installation super fast. The size of this display is 30×30 inches, but you can certainly find a smaller or a bigger one, depending on the space you have

Instant photo display for wedding

Wedding ideas for photobooth

Wedding ideas stickers

stickers wedding v2





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Five Centerpiece Ideas for your Wedding Reception

featured image

Centerpiece is always going to catch the attention of your guests, so in this article I’m going to give you 5 tips for picking the perfect flower centerpiece for your reception tables.

1Looking at the color tones is essential, especially considering the venue you pick. It could be a beach wedding, an outdoor wedding, a hacienda wedding or a wedding in a Hotel ballroom, and there are color schemes that are more suitable for an outdoor wedding than for a wedding hosted in a hotel ballroom for example, so keep this in mind! You can certainly use light colors for your flower centerpiece for an outdoor or a beach wedding, and intense color tones if your wedding will be hosted in a ballroom.

Five Centerpiece Ideas for your Wedding Reception #2Also remember that the centerpiece plays an important part in your wedding photo session so try to combine it with other colors elements, such as your bouquet, details of your wedding dress, colors of your bridesmaids’dress, etc.

3The type of flowers to choose is also another detail you should consider. First of all you should get information on the types of flowers available on that season and in the country you decided to get married. As for Peru I always suggest to brides to opt for Peruvian flowers, which are exotic and very colorful. Brides usually love them!

Five Centerpiece Ideas for your Wedding Reception #4It´s not necessary to spend a lot of money in flowers, you can have a great result using a lot of greenery for example. This could be a good option if your budget is not so flexible.

Five Centerpiece Ideas for your Wedding Reception #5Flower vase is another element you should select, this choice is important since this complements how your centerpiece will look like. So consider the size, the color, the material and the decoration. All these details need to be in harmony with the venue and the color palette you chose.

Five Centerpiece Ideas for your Wedding Reception #6

Five Centerpiece Ideas for your Wedding Reception #7

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How to plan the Perfect Father/Daughter Dance on your Wedding Day

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The father and daughter dance is always a very special moment, when teary eyes are guaranteed. It is extremely emotional for the bride and her father, and all the wedding guests can feel the intensity of the moment. There is a high possibility that after this dance you will have to retouch your make-up, depending on the things your father tells you. Generally before this dance I always look for my make-up bridal survival kit, so that I have it with me in case the bride needs to fix her make-up.

View More:

But how can you choose the perfect song for this dance? In my opinion the right song for a father/daughter wedding dance needs to have the following elements: it has to be a sweet song, not romantic since this is not the man you just married; it has to be meaningful, which means that it has to recall memories and moments you shared with your father during your childhood for example; also it has to be a beautifully written songs with awesome words and melody; it has to deliver the following message: “I appreciate our relationship, you always took good care of me and I know you will always do, and if I am here today it is also because of you”. In other words this is not an easy choice to make at all.

You can choose the songs on your own, trying to surprise your father and all your guests or you and your dad can make the choice together. You can actually do it both ways, the most important thing is that you go for the right song.View More:

Here a couple of tips I came up with after the father and daughter wedding dances I have seen so far:

  • Use a shortened version of the song: your guests will love to watch you and your father dancing on the dancefloor but not for more than 2 minutes, since they will also be hungry after the ceremony. So, ask the Dj to prepare a shorter version of the song you wish to use for that specific moment.
  • Practice with your father: even if you think that the surprise factor would be great for your dad, I suggest you to practice before the wedding day to avoid any jitters and awkward moves. The best thing you can do is to ask for help to a professional. Remember that a choreographed dance always looks better.


  • Choose the song together: you can ask your father to give you some ideas because this song should reflects the love you have for each other and it should be meaningful for both of you. So it is important to involve your father in this choice too.
  • Use a medley: In case you and your father have different opinions on the song to dance, or you have two or three favorite songs, you can always create a medley, start form the slowest and peaked with the most vibrant song at the end. But remember do not make it too long!
  • Share the dancefloor: this is a good tip especially for those who feel uncomfortable dancing alone in the middle of the dancefloor in front of all your wedding guests. After the first minute you can ask the Dj to invite all other couples to join you and your dad on the dancefloor and you can also switch partners and invite your mom dancing with your dad for the rest of the song.

7 (51)

  • Be able to think about the next moment: we all know that this is a special moment and you and your father will yet few tears, but you got to be able to think about the next moment of your wedding celebration and have fun.

Finally, try to live this moment at the best, since it really means a lot to your parents, your mom will also enjoy watching you and your dad dancing on the dancefloor and you will remember it forever.

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