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Five Centerpiece Ideas for your Wedding Reception

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Centerpiece is always going to catch the attention of your guests, so in this article I’m going to give you 5 tips for picking the perfect flower centerpiece for your reception tables.

1Looking at the color tones is essential, especially considering the venue you pick. It could be a beach wedding, an outdoor wedding, a hacienda wedding or a wedding in a Hotel ballroom, and there are color schemes that are more suitable for an outdoor wedding than for a wedding hosted in a hotel ballroom for example, so keep this in mind! You can certainly use light colors for your flower centerpiece for an outdoor or a beach wedding, and intense color tones if your wedding will be hosted in a ballroom.

Five Centerpiece Ideas for your Wedding Reception #2Also remember that the centerpiece plays an important part in your wedding photo session so try to combine it with other colors elements, such as your bouquet, details of your wedding dress, colors of your bridesmaids’dress, etc.

3The type of flowers to choose is also another detail you should consider. First of all you should get information on the types of flowers available on that season and in the country you decided to get married. As for Peru I always suggest to brides to opt for Peruvian flowers, which are exotic and very colorful. Brides usually love them!

Five Centerpiece Ideas for your Wedding Reception #4It´s not necessary to spend a lot of money in flowers, you can have a great result using a lot of greenery for example. This could be a good option if your budget is not so flexible.

Five Centerpiece Ideas for your Wedding Reception #5Flower vase is another element you should select, this choice is important since this complements how your centerpiece will look like. So consider the size, the color, the material and the decoration. All these details need to be in harmony with the venue and the color palette you chose.

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Chronicles from an Art Deco wedding in Lima


Few weeks ago we had a wonderful wedding ceremony and reception in Lima. Bride and groom were looking for an unforgettable destination wedding in Peru and they were in love with Art Deco style. Everything needed to be inspired to the 20s and to the style of that time, let’s say “The Great Gatsby” style. Do you know “The Great Gatsby”? If not have a look here ( and read the book. It will literally transport you in the 20s and you will enjoy the reading.

So what is this Art Deco style about? Art Deco was one of the most fashionable, iconic and pioneering international design and architecture movements in the history. This style was characterized by geometric shapes, such as triangular, trapezoidal and zigzagged ones, smooth lines, chevron patterns and elements that bring us back to the Greek and Roman classicism. As for colors, Art Deco introduced neutral colors, black and white were a must, as well as grey and beige…let’s say that monochromatic approach is another Art Deco’s feature. Also the key to recreate this style is to add bright metallic elements, for instance using color splashes of gold and silver. Being a wedding planner also means research and investigate to make couple’s wishes come true!


This wedding was all about black, white and some gold accent. We found the perfect venue with black and white floor tiles, perfectly in line with the style bride and groom were looking for. Checkerboard floors are very versatile and with the right decoration elements can also create a cozy atmosphere. The decorators added many white orchids and moss for the table decoration with glass vases filled with water and white candles, several types of tables of different shapes and dimensions, different kind of chairs and tablecloths, as well as different kind of centerpieces. The tablecloths used were basically striped in black and white, or total black or total white.



There were different types of chairs and cushions, transparent chairs with white cushions and gold chairs with black and white striped cushions, which help creating an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere. As centerpieces the decorator decided to opt for white orchids with a combination of glass vases filled with candles or water, moss and tree branches, in some table they also placed a tree (a real one!!!) rounded by moss. It was like being in a fairy-tale, the reception area was really beautiful, and although they used very different decoration elements they managed to create a charming harmony. The atmosphere they recreated was fantastic with the right balance between cold and monochromatic colors, gold accents and natural elements (trees, moss and flowers). When you stepped into the wedding reception area you totally forgot about the world outside and the idea was to make guests feel transported in a different age and in a charming “Art Deco fairy tale”, where bride and groom were the main characters.




The sweets table was a great success, in perfect style with the Art Deco patterns. Main colors used were black, white and gold, with geometric shapes and smooth lines, triangular pyramid of French macaroons, gold pyramidal structures, mirrors, white orchids, glass vase with water, moss and white candles.


The wedding cake was also amazing, a three-tiered square cake covered with fondant and enriched with gold and white geometric decoration.


The lighting in the entire reception area was perfect, a soft and dark lighting with accent on the sweet table, guest’s tables and especially the long squared groom and bride’s table. Bride and groom choose to share the table with the wedding party and close friends.


This wedding was a total blast, we loved organizing every little detail, working closer with the decorators to make real what bride and groom had in mind and we really loved how the decoration perfectly fit the beautiful venue.



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Peruvian-style Centerpieces for your Destination Wedding in Peru


In the last years I helped several brides who really wanted to recreate a special and traditional Peruvian atmosphere for their destination wedding in Peru! One of the most important decorative elements for a wedding reception is the centerpiece, an essential part of your wedding table set-up. Centerpieces are very useful to create a specific theme or atmosphere and you have to choose the right one.

From my experience a bad centerpiece can ruin all of your wedding photos, so thinks about it twice before making this choice!

The basic rule is that the centerpiece must be in line with your color palette, I mean the colors you are using for invitation cards, Thank you cards, save the date, ceremony programs, ceremony flower arrangements, your bouquet and your maid of honor dresses. For example, if you are planning to have a lavender and ivory bouquet you shouldn’t use light blue or yellow flowers for your centerpieces. These are basic tips, but there is so much to say on these topics…I am sure we will have time to do so in the future. If you have questions, just drop me a comment and I will be happy to answer.

For brides who really wanted to recreate a Peruvian traditional atmosphere we came up with several ideas of floral and non-floral centerpieces that I would like to share with you, and I am pretty sure that you can use them for your Destination Wedding in Peru:


As I always say, when it comes to a wedding reception, flowers make a big difference
! We opted for a long greenery centerpiece filled with traditional Peruvian flowers for an
outdoor reception in a Hacienda in the middle of the Sacred Valley of the Incas. This kind of floral arrangement is actually extremely visible and creates a beautiful effect. You do not need to use a vase or any other special box, just fix the flowers on the table and let them speak for themselves. This kind of centerpiece is ideal with wooden rustic tables. The rustic effect you create will be awesome!

Another idea is to use traditional Peruvian fabric on the table and add some details, such as Peruvian traditional astromelias or succulents. This set-up is ideal for outdoor wedding and your guests will love it. If you use little succulent plants they can also bring them home as favors. This centerpiece idea should be used for couples who really want a traditional Peruvian wedding and that love colors, since Peruvian fabrics are, a part that beautiful, also very colorful and they are not recommended for couples who like simple decoration and plain colors.

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Another way you could add a traditional Peruvian touch to your wedding table set-up is to use as centerpiece Peruvian ingredients, such as yellow or red aji peppers, fresh or dried fruits or traditional Peruvian items, such as little sculptures of men or women dressed with traditional dresses or crock pots, that are often used in the criolla cuisine. In this way be sure that your guests will not forget that they are in Peru for your destination wedding.

We believe that adding a traditional touch to your wedding reception tables could add value to your destination wedding in Peru. These are only some ideas of Peruvian-style centerpieces, but we can find tons of amazing options for you.