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Best Tips for for Wedding Photo Sessions

wedding pohoto session

Wedding photo sessions are a big responsibility for photographer since they have to create unforgettable and unique memories for bride and groom. In 10 years the couple looking at their wedding photos, they will cherish memories of that day. Here a list of tips on how to plan the perfect wedding photo session: 

  • Consider lighting when scheduling your photo session. Lighting is essential for the result of your photos, a good photographer knows how to use natural light at its best. If you are planning to take photos in an indoor location try to find a spot with large windows. 


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  • Make a list of shots that you consider mandatory, not more that 20-25 must-have shots so that you have also time for spontaneity. That way the photographer will know what are the photos he has to take during your photo session. This is crucial and we suggest to talk about it during the meeting you have with the photographer before the wedding. You can also ask the best man or the bridesmaid to help you with the list of mandatory photos. They might help looking for people who might need to be in that specific shot. 

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  • Retouch your make up. Before starting your photo session is important to retouch your make-up and hair, since you have already gone through the ceremony, hugged people and run to the photo session location. So you better bring with you your make-up artist or a little beauty-case with mascara, lipstick, powder, your hairbrush, and hairpins. 
  • Make sure to have bride solo and groom solo shots. They should be included in your must-have shots list. Also do not forget the first-look photos, so emotional and intimate moment. This is certainly a great way to represent couple’s feelings on the wedding day. 

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  • Try to be relaxed, since every feeling will show in the photos. So first of all, try to fully enjoy your day, have a toast with your best friends, laugh with your family members and friends, so that you will also have these spontaneous and real shots.  

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Having great wedding photos will definitely help you cherish memories of that day. So give the wedding photography the right attention while planning your wedding. 




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