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2021 Wedding Cake Trends

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2021 is almost over but we want to make a list of the best wedding cake trends that bride and groom have been following this year.

  • The use of isomalt in wedding cake as topper or at the side of the cake. Isomalt is a sugar substitute, often used in the pastry industry to creat translucent and magnificent sugar sculturesThe effect is extremely dramatic and cakes will look amazing!




  • Mixed wedding cakes: we have seen several mixed sweet wedding cake this year. The most used sweets are macarrons, cookies, candies, doughnuts and cinnamon rolls. They are quite common 



  • The use of edible flowers: the use of flowers in cuisine is quite common and this year we could experience the use of real blooms in wedding cakes. So let’s put aside the traditional flowers made of chocolate, fondant or sugar, and let’s go for edible flowers. 



  • Brush Strokes cakes: They are brush strokes made of chocolate and edible colours, refrigerated and used to decorate the cake. The effect of this decoration is awesome!



  • Single-serving wedding cake: This has been a very good option during the COVID-19 pandemic, in line with safety restrictions, since each guest will have his mini wedding cake at his place.




  • One-tier wedding cake: Due to COVID-19 restrictions people sitched from big wedding with more than 100 uests to small weddings with 20-30 guests. So bride and groom often opt for small 1-tier cake.

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  • Skinner multi-tier cakes: This is connected with the need to have smaller cake without giving up to the classic multi-tier cakes. The advantage is that they are extremely elegant and sofisticated.


So the trend for 2021 wedding cake can be resumed with less is more, since couples preferred to opt for smaller cake without compromising elegance, sofistication and colours 


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