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Elegant Destination Wedding Inspiration

beach wedding portada

Few weeks ago we had the opportunity to plan an elegant wedding in a charming oceanfront location nearby Lima and we felt in love with the decoration details. This wedding was all about flowers arrangements, flower centerpieces and a beautiful flower and foliage arch for the ceremony. The stunning venue did its part too, since all these elements combined with the location made everything even more perfect. Here I want to give you an idea of how the decoration details bride and groom choose really made a difference in creating the atmosphere they were looking for.

beach wedding venue

oceanfront wedding reception

When I received the call from the couple, I immediately understood that they were looking for a special location and this is really one of a kind. That is why I proposed them this beautiful oceanfront villa with romans architecture pieces, a little pool and a beautiful garden area. I also understood they were looking for an elegant wedding with a Peruvian touch, so me and my team tried heard to propose them little but meaningful decoration details. 

oceanfront venue

wedding in Peru

First, the charming and elegant arch! This was a super fluffy arch with foliage and flowers as ceremony backing. It was a great choice to have the ceremony in the evening under a beautiful sunset. The sunset light combined with the arch really created an outstanding atmosphere for unforgettable photos. 

wedding ceremony arch

wedding ceremony

As I said above, this wedding was all about flowers. Apart from the arch, the beautiful flower arrangements at the center of the buffet table added an elegant touch to the wedding reception.

buffet table wedding

The bar was one of a kind with the beautiful eucalypt foliage backing, highlighted by hanging light bulbs. At the side of the bar we placed two big flower arrangements, to create a perfect symmetryThe effect was very elegant and romantic.  

wedding bar section

Another beautiful decoration detail was the ceiling of the tent, which mixes foliage dangling lianas with ivory fabric. 

oceanfrony wedding reception catering

The table set up was very elegant, with a beautiful white, ivory and light pink roses with foliage, white tablecloth and crystal dishes with golden border. The chairs chosen for the reception were golden tiffany chairs with white cushions. 


The tree in the reception area was decorated with hanging jars with white candles, another elegant touch. 

wedding decoration

On the wooden table for the sweets we placed a huge flower arrangement in ivory, light pink tones with foliage with truffle towers and little traditional Peruvian sweets. 

sweet table wedding

wedding sweet table

Also the cake was very flowery, a beautiful three-tier with the top tier covered in gold fondant and decorated with white, red and gold flowers.  

wedding cake



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Romantic Wedding in The Sacred Valley

Peru detination wedding

A couple of weeks ago we had the opportunity to be part of a very special wedding celebration in the heart of the Sacred Valley. The venue of the event is one of the best places in the Sacred Valley, has a colonial architectural structure, and stunning Andean mountains around it. The Ceremony area was in a charming garden with a grand tree in the background.  We absolutely loved the ambiance as it was so romantic and beautiful.  The guests were truly amazed by the view and the intricate details of the whole event.

Wedding in Sacred Valley
Selecting the perfect venue for this couple was just the beginning.  We made sure that all details planned ahead of time were included. When planning a wedding with a couple that has never seen their venue in person, the most important thing is that we recreate the perfect setting and even more important recreate their expected dreams for decoration and make sure that every little detail was considered. The theme for this wedding was romantic and dreamy, so we chose an outdoor ceremony in a flower-filled garden.  To enhance the experience, the outdoor ceremony also included a tent or “huppah” with flower details that combined with the bride’s bouquet and the wedding’s color palette.

Wedding in Cusco
For the reception, the Bride and groom opted for rustic-chic decoration paired with vibrant color centerpieces with red, yellow and orange roses. The centerpieces were arranged using a natural style, like a garden with foliage in a gold vase. The ceiling had a beautiful white tent paired with gold string of lights.  The bar was made of wood simply decorated with light and flowers in a vase.

Wedding cake
For many couples, the wedding cake is an essential part of the wedding celebration. The use of colors is definitely a new trend for wedding cakes. For this wedding, the cake was very important, the couple chose a 2-tier cake covered by fondant and it was hand-painted with gold touches. The cake was placed on the dessert table on top of a wooden base and surrounded by orange flowers.

Wedding bouquet

The bride´s bouquet was lovely! The bride opted for an airy bouquet with orange roses of different sizes and green touches of nature, all perfectly assembled. Many times, the flowers in the bouquet define the centerpieces and this was the case in this wedding.  Everything had a delicate balance and looked great.

wedding reception in Peru cusco
Overall, I really enjoyed the planning process for this wedding, looking into all the details, the decorations, the lighting, the romantic style of the wedding. The Bride, groom and all the guests really enjoyed their time in Peru and I am sure they went back home with some great memories.

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A Charming Oceanfront Wedding Proposal


Last year we decided to lunch a new product considering that we understood that many couples traveling to Peru for fun and visiting the country wanted to make their trip very special and come back home with everlasting memories. We received many requests for organizing wedding proposals in special settings in Peru, so we decided to take care of this special and significant part of love stories as well. Actually, this is where everything begins: the wedding proposal!

1Credits: Lara Momentos

Few months ago we had the chance to plan a charming wedding proposal for a young couple who decided to spend few weeks in Peru on holiday. It was all a big surprise for the bride-to-be and we secretely coordinate and plan all the details with her fiance. All the process was soooo detailed-oriented that we definitely understood what was the atmosphere he wanted to recreate for this special moment and we proposed to host the event in a beautiful oceanfront house along the Pacific coast. The house is located south of Lima, and it is a short car ride from the capital city.

6Credits: Lara Momentos

Among the details we had to take in account there was the music, the food and champagne for the toast, the romantic decorations (rose petals, flower arrangements), a photographer, and everything could have helped recreating the atmosphere he was looking for.

3Credits: Lara Momentos

We loved being part of this special moment, we loved the bride-to-be’s face when he went on his knees and asked her to marry him, we loved the venue and the music! Of course she said yes!

4Credits: Lara Momentos

It was such a special moment for this young couple and we understood how important is all the work behind this! They will remember this moment forever and they will tell the future generations about it. Peru will always have a special place in their heart and be very meaningful for their relationship.

Here a list of things we planned for this special event:

  • We found the perfect venue, a beautiful house located south of Lima with a balcony and a little swimmingpool overlooking the Pacific Ocean. In few words the venue was perfect for the occasion. After the proposal the couple went for a little photo session on the beach and the photos are amazingWe really loved the venue choice! 

5Credits: Lara Momentos

  • We had a photographer to capture the very special moment of the wedding proposal! He was obviously hidden behind a wall, as we were at the beginning when they got into the house. We believed that they wanted to have vivid memories of the moment and share them with their family and friends who couldn’t join them for the wedding proposal.

8Credits: Lara Momentos

  • We had a singer with an acustic guitar to recreate a romantic atmosphere and play a meaningful song for the couple 

7Credits: Lara Momentos

  • We booked a little catering service with appetizers and a bottle of champagne for the toast.

cateringCredits: Lara Momentos

  • We decorated the house’s living room with rose petals and we used romantic decorations, such as the “Love” sign and a red heart in the balcony where the actual wedding proposal happened with flowers!

11Credits: Lara Momentos

I hope you loved this wedding proposal inspirations as we do, and that you start planning a wedding proposal yourself for your next trip with your fiance!

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Top Four Churches in Lima to get Married

Top 5 churches in Lima

One of the main issues for bride and groom getting married abroad is choosing the perfect church for their wedding ceremony in Peru. Before picking the right church they will have to consider different elements:

  • Location
  • Appearance
  • Cost
  • Distance from reception venue.


Since I generally receive so many requests of information about churches in Lima I would like to share with you some information I collected during these years working as wedding planner. I believe this post will be extremely useful if you are in the process of selecting the church for your wedding ceremony in Lima. Here my top four!


This church is located in the historical center of the capital nearby the main square (Plaza de Armas). The church structure is a great example of Spanish baroque architecture, which you can feel from the beautiful façade. It is not easy to get a sport to officiate a wedding in this church since once the time schedule is open for booking there are many requests and you might need to go there and make your queue early in the morning to get a specific time and a specific day. Otherwise you will have to accept the availability they have left. There is a high demand for this church, since it is very traditional and a beautiful place to get married. The church is open from 7:00 am to 12:00 pm and from 4:00 to 8:00 pm, you can bring a chorus or a string quartet but they need to play religious music at least for the mass, no religious music is allowed for the bride’s entrance and for the exit. Price to get married in this church is SOL 1000.00 as for 2016, price might have changed since then. You need to make an initial payment of SOL 300.00 to book the date and time and the final payment needs to be made at least three months before your wedding.

Address: Jiron Lampa, Cercado de Lima

Telefono: (01) 4267377



This nice church is located in the heart of Miraflores district, along Lima’s Malecon. This is a big building and usually is used for big wedding, approximately 150-250 people attending, since it is hard to fill up all the space. The façade of the building is of a clear cream color and once you get in you will be amazed by the spacious and airy naves.  A big pro of choosing this church is that it is located nearby a beautiful park, where you can go to take picture before or after the ceremony. I can guarantee that the photos at sunset in the park with the ocean view are beautiful! Also, this church is conveniently located in the heart of Miraflores, in case you choose to have the reception in this district is a good choice. Price to get married in this church is SOL 1600.00 if you want to rent the parish hall for a small refreshment and SOL 1450.00 without the parish hall as for 2016, prices might have changed since then. You need to make an initial payment of SOL 1050.00 for the church and the parish hall and SOL 850.00 if you choose only the church to book the date and time. Price includes background music, flower arrangements in the altar and the carpet.

Address: Armendariz 350, Miraflores

Telefono: (01) 4463119



This church is located in the heart of Lima’s business district: San Isidro. The façade of the church shows a majestic neocolonial style and create a nice contrast effect with the modern building located nearby. The altar is decorated with a beautiful altarpiece from the XVIII century in baroque style. The airy central nave is a beautiful architectonical example of neocolonial style. Another feature that we need to remark is the wonderful stained glass window, which will catch your look. The church is quite big and is perfect for weddings of about 100-150 people. Price for the ceremony is USD 750.00, which also includes the parish hall. You need to make an initial payment of USD 400.00 to book the date and time.

Address: Av. Víctor Andrés Belaúnde 160

Telefono: (01) 422-3110 / (01) 440-2230


This Church is located in a beautiful position between Lima’s Cathedral and the Palace of the Archbishop on the city’s main square called “Plaza de Armas”. It is a little church with only one aisle, covered by a barrel vault ending in a little dome. In the church we can find a part from the main altar, five altarpieces dedicated to different saints and the baptistery. It is ideal for intimate wedding celebration. The marvelous façade is an example of baroque style. Price to get married in this church is SOL 1000.00, which also includes flower arrangements, red carpet and lighting. You need to make a no refundable initial payment of SOL 400.00 to book the date and time.

Address: Jiron Carabaya, cuadra 2, s/n, Plaza de Armas

Telefono: (01) 4278757 / (01) 4283814






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Assigned Seating vs. Open Seating


One of the questions that bride and groom always asked me after they found the perfect venue for their wedding and after they prepared the wedding guests list is: should I opt for an assigned seating or for an open one? Actually my answer is not always the same, it certainly depends on the kind of wedding you are planning, and the answer changes depending on if you are hosting a very intimate, private wedding rather than a big wedding with more than 150 – 200 guests. I usually present couples the pros and cons of having an assigned seating and the pros and cons of having an open seating arrangement before they make their decision. In this article I want to share them with you as well:



  • It is more formal than the open seating arrangement.
  • It is very useful for big weddings, since you know exactly where people will be seated and you can easily reach them.
  • It is more organized and your guests will know exactly where to go.
  • For wedding planner is easier to keep track of your guests, especially in case of big wedding. 😀
  • People will be seated on a table for a specific reason. For example people of the same family, a group of friends, people of the same age, so people will feel more comfortable this way for the entire reception, since they will have things in common to talk about and they will have fun!
  • If you are doing seated dinner and some of your guests have food allergy, are vegan, or do not eat a specific food and have selected a specific menu option with assigned seating will be easy for the waiter to know where those guests are seated.



  • It could be a real headache for the bride and groom to make their seating chart, sometimes they can also argue about it! It happened, I swear!!!
  • For many people it is a waste of time, since they believe that guests will end up seating where they want or asking to change their seat and go to another table for example, if they do not want to keep the assigned seat.
  • Some guests will not like where they are seated and they will be uncomfortable for all the celebration. They will have for sure a bad memory of your wedding.
  • Some guest will find out that his/her seat is already taken, since some other guest took the freedom to change his/hers arbitrarily. This can create awkwardness.
  • You cannot have extra table.



  • It perfectly works for informal and small weddings.
  • It takes no time to put together, and it is very easy for bride and groom since they do not to sit on a table and start matching people.
  • Your guests will not complain, since they will freely choose where to seat for all the reception duration.
  • It allows people to communicate and socialize more, creating a more familiar atmosphere for your guests.
  • You can have extra table, in case some of your guests come with an unexpected date this can be very useful.



  • It can be chaotic because your guests will not know where to go once they get into the reception area.
  • People will walk around asking other: “Is this seat taken?”, “Can I seat here?”
  • For people arriving late could be complicated, since they have to seat in the available seats and if they are a couple or a group of people sometimes they have to split apart.


The decision of choosing between assigned seating and open seating arrangement is actually extremely personal because you guys are the ones who better know your wedding guests, what they would prefer, if they are social people or not, etc. It also depends on the kind of wedding you are organizing. For instance if you are planning a destination wedding having an arranged seating is very useful since you will avoid that people who does not speak the same language ended up seating next to each other. If you are having a small and intimate wedding the open seating is perfect, because people will naturally form into groups and they will take their seat at the tables available.


Also lately it is also very common to use a mixed format of open seating and assigned seating. So you can use open seating for group of people that will seat together in any case, such as your college buddies, your group of friends, and you can use an assigned seating arrangement for direct family.

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The best of our 2016 weddings


So the 2016 is over and it was a great year, full of challenges and successful destination weddings in Peru. Me and my team worked extremely hard to satisfied and fulfill all of our bride and groom’s requests. At Say I Do in Peru we believe that we cannot start a new year without looking back at what we have done so far and making a point on what we have done well or wrong, what we have learnt and what we have achieved the past year.

In 2016 we have learnt that there are no obstacles impossible to overcome and we actually worked hard to achieve our couples wedding goals. We have learnt that each couple is different, each couple has their special point of views and it has a special way to deal with the wedding planning process. I have grown up a lot this year personally and professionally and I am extremely proud of what I have achieved and the wonderful weddings I have planned in Peru’s most amazing destinations!

The idea of this article is to collect the best moments, details, decorations of our 2016 weddings and it is indeed an opportunity to make you people understand what is my work about!


So here the most amazing sweet table from a wedding I organized in November, with French macarons, decorative macarons towers, chocolate truffles, tarts (lemon, chocolate, pecan), traditional “alfajores”, a Peruvian sweet filled with “dulce de leche”, and much more. This special table, placed at the entrance of the reception area, was decorated with white orchids, glass vases filled with water and white candles, the impact was awesome and the sweets were deliciousssss! The theme of the wedding was Art Deco so the decorative elements added were in line with it, therefore we can see geometrical patterns structures, black, white and gold color scheme and white orchids, the bride’s flower choice for the entire wedding event.




Here the most amazing scenery of 2016, this picture say it all. This is an elopement in the middle of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, organized in a beautiful property nearby the Urubamba River. We found this stunning venue for this lovely couple after a visit in the area and we felt in love with this colonial church and the beauty of the well-maintained grounds. On top of that, the presence of the Andes makes this venue even more charming. The tent structure was actually really simple, since the aim was to preserve the beauty of the place itself. We add few flower decorations on the tent and we opt for this elegant white wrought iron chairs. The result was amazing, as you can see.

1 (115)



Here the most elegant ceremony tent for this couple who wanted to get married in a beachfront location. We selected Paracas as destination and it was easy to create this elegant and sophisticated wedding atmosphere there. White, light grey and taupe were the main colors for this wedding celebration by the Pacific Ocean. The white chairs, the elegant chair decorations, the white petals on the aisle and the white and greenery tent give the setting a magnificent elegance, enriched by the Ocean breeze and the light blue clean sky.

View More:

View More:

View More:

This is without doubt one of the most amazing wedding shot of 2016, we love the symmetry of the elements and how the colors combined with the background. This snapshot absolutely summarizes what an Andean wedding is, what are the mysticism and intimacy behind this kind of ceremony and the brightness of the colors of that moment. The venue selected was located in Cusco, it was a ground area rounded by Incas walls, a very quiet place, ideal for this kind of intimate ceremony.




The wedding cake has always a special place in a wedding celebration, it is a decorative element so it needs to be beautiful, but of course it also needs to be delicious! Here one of our favorite from 2016 wedding, this wedding cake was actually an art piece, with the perfect flowers decorations and the two doves as topper, to represent the romance and kind of the bride and groom’s love. In Greek mythology doves are associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love, who was always depicted with doves fluttering around or on her arms; we really loved the romance and the idea beyond this unique wedding cake.


We also loved this romantic entrance of bride and groom to the hacienda we selected for their wedding. This was a beautiful country wedding nearby Lima and we loved how all the rustic and country elements combine between each other to recreate the perfect atmosphere of a Peruvian Hacienda wedding. This white carriage was the cherry on top of the cake, and all the wedding guests were totally amazed by the beauty of the horse and the carriage’s flower decorations.W1A_4877

This is just a little part of our 2016 weddings and I feel extremely proud of the job I have done, and happy to be part of these couples’ life forever… but now let’s start focusing on the 2017 weddings, I need to get back to work! 😀

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Chronicles from a New Year’s Eve Wedding


Last year I received a very special request, a couple wanted to get married on December the 31st and I actually was a bit concern about the date at first. My concern was related to few points:

  1. This is a crazy time of the year; people in the event organization industry are extremely busy with their New Year’s Eve celebrations and it is going to be extremely challenging for me to find suppliers available that day!
  2. Most suppliers will charge twice as much the normal price and if we are lucky enough, sometimes they charge triple! And it would be hard to negotiate a good service for a fair amount of money in this time of the year!
  3. This must definitely be a SPECIAL MOMENT, not only for the couple, but for all the wedding guests! And when I say SPECIAL MOMENT I really mean it in this occasion! You know December the 31st is the most important day of the year for many people and they have high expectations on how to celebrate it!

Despite my concerns, I immediately started thinking about things to do to overcome all of these points and at the end, I was actually pretty surprised and satisfied of how things turn out.  All run so smoothly. First, I tried hard to negotiate fair prices with suppliers in behalf of the couple and I started looking into marvelous venues. The venue needed to be outstanding for such a special occasion! After finding the perfect ballroom in the heart of Lima’s business district I started to look into decorations and the entire reception schedule. Bride and groom obviously wanted to have a New Year’s Theme wedding, so here a couple of items that you cannot miss for this kind of event:

  • Glitter: when thinking about the color scheme do not forget that glitter is a very important element, so go for a silver and gold, black and silver, black and gold kinds of color palette. In this occasion bride and groom decided to opt for a black and gold color palette and it worked extremely well. Also guests’ dress code sticks with these colors as well, which was nice especially for the pictures.



  • Bubbles: this is an essential element of the celebration! Generally you cannot run out of Champaign or any kind of sparkling wine for your wedding celebration, imagine if your event is on New Year’s Eve! This cannot be a possibility! I suggest you to be prudent and order more Champaign than the one you would order for a normal wedding. Keep in mind that this is a special day and all the people will party hard and they might choose to drink Champaign all night considering the occasion. You can also consider the idea of a Champaign tower.


  • Midnight Toast: my advice here is “have a plan” for the midnight toast! This should be a special moment and you might want to arrange a nice countdown. So coordinate with the Dj some sort of countdown and a hit to play at midnight, also you can arrange a balloon drop using gold and silver balloons, always stick with your color scheme! Be creative and find a way to make this a very special moment for your guests, and remember they are there to celebrate your union, but also to celebrate New Year’s Eve!

W0369 Chiquita Green 1478

  • Sparklers: even though the majority of venues do not allow sparklers and fireworks, if you are lucky and find one that allows them, use it since they are a staple for this kind of celebration. And they also help you creating a very special atmosphere; you will have great pictures with the lighting they create, so if you can go for them!

841affbe7e83db5d9d8af9fa90d8d851      73e2831a6046b90f3239f65de4cd5cdc

  • Party Props: do not forget that people want to have fun and party that day, so buy New Years’ Eve party items, such as glitter hats, noisemakers, party horns, confetti poppers, silver and gold tiaras, and New Year ’s Eve crowns. They will certainly add festivity to your wedding celebration and you will have fun pictures of your event! If you are planning to have a Photobooth the New Year’s Eve theme will be a great plus and your funny pictures awesome!

W0369 Chiquita Green 1243

You are still on time to plan your New Year ’s Eve wedding to welcome the 2018, so why don’t you start right now? As always if you have questions or you want to get married in Peru, contact me at and I will be happy to help you with your destination wedding celebration!

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Ocean Breeze: a romantic color palette for a beach wedding

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Light blue and pink tones are a perfect combination if we want to create a sophisticated and romantic atmosphere. If we add some green detail for example foliage in the flowers we can reach the perfect contrast for a fun, elegant and romantic beach wedding.


View More:
View More:


Bridesmaids can opt for neutral colors dresses which perfectly combined with location while the bride will opt for a white dress like the ocean’s foam.


View More:

And do not forget about the shoes!

View More:

This is an extremely important detail…we suggest to opt for gold and white shoes.

The groom can opt for a cream suit, which will be perfect at the bride’s side. Better with some color details which will drow guests attention.

View More:

These tones are very appropriate to the location, since they allow to recall the ocean breeze, its freshness and its romantic side.

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Thinking about eloping in Peru? Here everything you need to know!


When you look into the dictionary for the word “to elope” the meaning is to run away and to not come back to the point of origin. We usually use this word to refer to run off to be married with your lover usually in an intimate and private ceremony without parents and direct family. The definition of elopement has changed during the years and it has lost day by day its negative connotation, since it was usually used for weddings where lovers got married without parental or societal consent. However today the meaning has changed, as I said, and elopement is a very special way to affirm your love and it is becoming a common practice.


While some couple love organizing big weddings, there are other couples who do not enjoy this and they prefer a more intimate and private event. Being abroad and visit a new country is always exciting and combining a trip with a marriage is even more exciting! So, why do not run away and elope in Peru?

I have organized many elopements in Peru since I started working in the industry. Favorite spots for elopement are Cusco and the coast, especially in the northern region. Due to the magic of the place and the spiritual atmosphere you can find the old capital city of the Inca Empire is one of the best places to elope in Peru. Also Tumbes or Mancora are beautiful spots for beach elopements, which you can do during your romantic escape in one of the beautiful beaches placed in the north of Peru. I personally love the idea of two lovers going in a beautiful and stunning setting to confirm their love in a very special way. Choosing to elope actually means that you do care about your marriage and that the only important person you want to share that moment with is your lover.3-28

What to consider for your elopement? First of all you have to choose a memorable and charming venue, there will be the two of you or perhaps a friend or few family members and the venue must be awesome! I would say that it is one of the main actors of the event, a part from you and your significant one. Elopement is all about lovers, atmosphere and venue, since you will not have guests and big decorations.

For a perfect elopement you also have to choose the right photographer since he has to capture the atmosphere of your special ceremony. It is necessary to have visual prove of your wedding since there will not be guests and you may want to tell others about your wedding. So a visual memory of your elopement is highly needed!


A big pro of an elopement is that is stress-free. There is no need to plan everything in advance, there is no need to decide on seating arrangement, there is no need to consider your guests food allergies, there is no need of waiting for RSVP, there is no need to plan how your bridesmaids will be dressed…and believe me all these details are crucial for a successful wedding event. This is a big pro of opting for an elopement rather than a proper wedding.

Another pro is that you can make it fast, that means that organizing an elopement is obviously faster that organizing a real wedding with ceremony and reception and all the details related to them, so you do not need to start planning it one year and half in advance, just take your time to see what you really want and need to make your elopement special! Remember that elopement is all about you, your partner and the venue! These are the three elements!

To the other end a big con of an elopement is that your family and friends will be mad at you both guys because you did not say a word on this and you did not share such an important moment with them. If you choose to keep it as a secret, sometimes couples opt to share this idea with family and sometime there are few friends and family members who do not mindto travel with them. But in case you keep it totally secret, do no panic, just be prepared to strong reactions, do not take them personally and do not feel the need to justify yourself. To elope is your choice, and you can always organize a vowels renewal or a reception for direct family and friends after you got married. Having a post-elopement party is quite common nowadays



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Can I have a beach wedding in Peru?

Bodas Paracas_R3A0534 (2)

When it comes to destination weddings we generally think about weddings in exotic destinations, beachfront weddings with beautiful landscapes, lot of sunshine, stunning sunsets and the smell of the ocean breeze everywhere. This is what comes to my mind…So, one of the questions I often receive from couples is: “is it possible to have a beach wedding in Peru?”

Of course it is!!! Peru is known as a country with a huge variety of landscapes and climate areas. We have three main regions: mountains, forest and coast. Peru has a charming biodiversity and this makes it one of the best touristic destinations in the world! That is why we are able to offer to couples interested in a destination wedding a wide variety of options for their wedding ceremony and reception! So if you are planning to have an exotic beach front wedding ceremony with all the elements we saw before (beautiful landscapes, lot of sunshine, stunning sunsets and the smell of the ocean breeze) you should definitely include Peru in your list!

_MG_3573chico                      Bodas Paracas_G5C4979

I will try to do my best to include the best options here, but I am sure this list will not be a closed one; there will be always a new beautiful destination to discover…that is actually the best part of my work! I am very open to new challenges and I love discovering new venues around the country!

The first destination on my list is Paracas, it is located near Lima, in the Ica region, and it offers beautiful beaches, sun and an amazing fauna. Here you have plenty of choices Bodas Paracas_R3A0534 (2)of venues located in front of the beach, the main hotel chains have their resorts there and the area is pretty quiet and peaceful. So you and your guests will enjoy sun, ocean breeze and you will totally relax under the sun. I do not know if the wife and husband to be will actually manage to relax, we all know that if you are getting married you are all but relax! However, I swear that your guests will have a great time there! There are so many activities and tours they can be engaged in, or they can simply lie on the beach with a great Pisco-based cocktail in a hand and a tasty and fresh “ceviche” in the other! You do not know what Pisco and ceviche are? Oh God you are missing two of life’s pleasures…check it out here and here!

Another destination you might consider is Mancora, located up north in the Piura region. This is place for beautiful and wild beaches, sunshine and stunning sunsets. Same as Paracas, you have extensive venue choices for beach-front weddings and you will definitely have lot of fun. And while you are walking down the aisle barefooted, you will be trapped by the wonderful sunset on the Pacific Ocean. If you have guests who love surfing, or if you love it yourself, this is the spot to choose. Mancora is one of the best destinations in the country for surf spots.Casa Leguia - 4

As you know Lima is the only Latin America’s capital city overlooking the Pacific Ocean, so why do not opt for Lima! There are also here different options you can consider, especially luxury private beach houses in the south area of the capital city. They are mainly located few kilometers far away from Lima. These houses are amazing venues, where you and your guests will have a private and intimate wedding ceremony and you will party until dawn to celebrate your special day! I can ensure you that this is a great option, especially if you have Peruvian guests living in Lima who are not eager to travel elsewhere.

As I said above, these are only few options, but there are many more to discover. Let’s say that Peru is an amazing country and it always gives surprise!