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A Charming Oceanfront Wedding Proposal


Last year we decided to lunch a new product considering that we understood that many couples traveling to Peru for fun and visiting the country wanted to make their trip very special and come back home with everlasting memories. We received many requests for organizing wedding proposals in special settings in Peru, so we decided to take care of this special and significant part of love stories as well. Actually, this is where everything begins: the wedding proposal!

1Credits: Lara Momentos

Few months ago we had the chance to plan a charming wedding proposal for a young couple who decided to spend few weeks in Peru on holiday. It was all a big surprise for the bride-to-be and we secretely coordinate and plan all the details with her fiance. All the process was soooo detailed-oriented that we definitely understood what was the atmosphere he wanted to recreate for this special moment and we proposed to host the event in a beautiful oceanfront house along the Pacific coast. The house is located south of Lima, and it is a short car ride from the capital city.

6Credits: Lara Momentos

Among the details we had to take in account there was the music, the food and champagne for the toast, the romantic decorations (rose petals, flower arrangements), a photographer, and everything could have helped recreating the atmosphere he was looking for.

3Credits: Lara Momentos

We loved being part of this special moment, we loved the bride-to-be’s face when he went on his knees and asked her to marry him, we loved the venue and the music! Of course she said yes!

4Credits: Lara Momentos

It was such a special moment for this young couple and we understood how important is all the work behind this! They will remember this moment forever and they will tell the future generations about it. Peru will always have a special place in their heart and be very meaningful for their relationship.

Here a list of things we planned for this special event:

  • We found the perfect venue, a beautiful house located south of Lima with a balcony and a little swimmingpool overlooking the Pacific Ocean. In few words the venue was perfect for the occasion. After the proposal the couple went for a little photo session on the beach and the photos are amazingWe really loved the venue choice! 

5Credits: Lara Momentos

  • We had a photographer to capture the very special moment of the wedding proposal! He was obviously hidden behind a wall, as we were at the beginning when they got into the house. We believed that they wanted to have vivid memories of the moment and share them with their family and friends who couldn’t join them for the wedding proposal.

8Credits: Lara Momentos

  • We had a singer with an acustic guitar to recreate a romantic atmosphere and play a meaningful song for the couple 

7Credits: Lara Momentos

  • We booked a little catering service with appetizers and a bottle of champagne for the toast.

cateringCredits: Lara Momentos

  • We decorated the house’s living room with rose petals and we used romantic decorations, such as the “Love” sign and a red heart in the balcony where the actual wedding proposal happened with flowers!

11Credits: Lara Momentos

I hope you loved this wedding proposal inspirations as we do, and that you start planning a wedding proposal yourself for your next trip with your fiance!

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