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Top Entertainment Choices for your Peru Destination Wedding

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Are you planning a destination wedding in Peru? Are you dreaming about having a fun wedding with a real Peruvian touch? That’s the article you’ve been waiting for. Peruvian weddings are fun, they reflect our joyful Peruvian culture, and it is most likely that bride and groom work very hard to plan the party and ways they entertain their guests. Entertainment is a quite important concern for the couple, since people must have fun and remember the great time they spent at their wedding. A live band or a DJ is not enough for us, we need to have a surprise factor, and let the guests live a unique experience.

Wedding celebration

Here some entertainment options you might consider for your Peru destination wedding: 

HORA LOCA: I know the name sounds very exotic and crazy indeed, but there’s nothing weird in it. As I said in another blog article ( “hora loca” is a combination of Mardi Gras from New Orleans and Brazilian Carnival celebrations. It’s a carnivalesque min-bush which lasts for approximately one hour of the reception party. You will see dancers, still walkers, other performers and a lot of props, such as sparkly masks, colorful hats and boas, oversize glasses and ties, glow sticks and much more. This actually depends from the theme you choose for your “hora loca”. The Dj will select the best party songs and wedding guests will start approaching the dancefloor…a real fun moment!

wedding receotion

wedding hora loca 2

hora loca wedding


AFRO-PERUVIAN SHOW: In Peru there’s a big afro-Peruvian community living in Chincha area, they are descendants from Africans who were enslaved and brought to Peru after the arrival of the Spanish “conquistadores”. That’s why the Afro-Peruvian culture is a big part of our cultural idiosyncrasy and our cultural essence, especially when we think about their dances, their music, their cuisine. That’s why is very common to have an engaging Afro-Peruvian show with captivating music and great dancers, which will make you move your body and feel your soul.




MARINERA SHOW: Marinera is a traditional Peruvian dance from the coastal area of the country. It’s a romantic couple dance with a specific choreography and beautiful traditional costumes, which uses handkerchiefs as propsIt’s so popular that there are several Marinera’s school all over Peru, to keep alive the old traditions. Marinera has been considered the National dance of Peru. Having a marinera show during your wedding is a great way to entertain your guests and make them know a real part of Peruvian culture and folklore. 



CABALLO DE PASO SHOW: This is a perfect show for Hacienda wedding, many haciendas have their own Peruvian Paso horses and the show is usually part of the service they offer. The Paso horses are ride by chalanesthe iconic Peruvian horseman dressed up with a white poncho, boots and a big hat, who traditionally raises Paso horses in Peru. The chalanes will lead Paso horses through the show with a Marinera soundtrack.  

horses show 2

horses show


DANZA DE LAS TIJERAS SHOW: The Scissor dance is a folkloric dance original of the Peruvian Andes, actually the southern area of the famous mountain chainUsually there are two or more dancers, dressed in traditional outfits embroidered with golden fringes, little mirror and colorful sequins, who dance in turns doing specific moves, also challenging since they also dance with one foot with a pair of polish iron rods in their right hand. They are accompanied by the music of a violin and a harp. The dancers cannot enter a church with their traditional outfits, since it is believed that their great physical ability and athletic skills come out from a pact they made with the Devil. The Scissor dance more than a simple dance is a ritual, and it has been inscribed in the Representative List of the Ingible Cultural Heritage of Humanity since 2010. 

2019_10_12 Boda Ross & Ros por F.Rivas 190

2019_10_12 Boda Ross & Ros por F.Rivas 204

As you can see there are many types of show you can consider for your wedding in Peru and we can ensure you that your guests will be amazed by the variety of our culture. Entertainment is a big part of a wedding, so do not underestimate this kind of choice.  


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Five Welcome Table Ideas

Welcome Table Ideas

The most challenging issue for modern bride and groom is to have some original and special element in their wedding. Originality and brand new ideas are valuable when it comes to wedding celebrations. Never forget that! Welcome table is a very important decoration element for your event, considering that it is the first decoration your guests will bump in when they enter the reception area after the ceremony and we can say that it’s the first impression they get of your wedding. So be very careful about the items, such as tablecloths, frames, letters, flowers you place on it and the color palette you use, that obviously need to stay in line with your color palette.

Here I will give you few tips and suggestions to have a unique and creative welcome table for your special day:

guest book instrumentsCredits: Photography by Christina Ahlheim

1. If you are deeply attached to some items, a box, a musical instrument if you are both musicians for example, you can definitley make this object your guestbook. Your guests can sign the item, write their best wishes and dedicate you some nice words. This is a customized option and you will definitely have a valuable memories of your special day.

wooden heart-shaped pieces – guest bookCredits: aLovelyDetailCo

2. Another nice idea is to have a frame filled with little wooden heart-shaped pieces. Your guests can sign one of the little heart and perhaps include a little inscription for you and place it inside the frame. This is an original idea, ideal for rustic wedding, where wood is the main decoration element. This is actually a more romantic idea compared with the first one I gave you above, once you have this frame you can hang it up on the wall of your newl-weds home.

Jenga blocks as guest bookCredits: Photography by Christina Ahlheim

3. Another funny idea is to use Jenga blocks, so that your guests can sign a block and place it on top of the structure. Try to choose a jenga with clear blocks, this way would be easier for your guests to write on them. If you use a colourful jenga provide sharpies of different colors (clear and dark colors).

puzzle guest book

4. Another creative idea is to create a puzzle out of a nice photo of you both. Your guests could sign a piece and try to assemble the pieces of the puzzle to reach the goal of having a portrait of you. This way you will have a personalized puzzle for the rest of your life, it will be a very nice memory of your wedding celebration.

guest book polaroid

5. A very creative idea is to place on your welcome table a guestbook that your wedding guests can sign it, but a part of the classic inscription, you can put a polaroid camara and adhesive tape at the side of the book, so that your guests can take an instant picture of them (like a selfie or any other funny pic), stick it on the guestbook and write something for you. This is basically a modern version of the traditional guestbook. Also, another suggestion I have is that you can have one or two strings between two trees or poles where your guests can hang up the funniest pictures of the event. This way you will definitly have funny memories of your wedding!





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10 Wedding Superstitions you Should Keep in Mind!

10 wedding supertitions you should keep in mind – featured v2

Times have changed but wedding superstitions are certainly alive! There are many beliefs on what bride and groom can or cannot do before the wedding celebration. There are few things that they cannot do before the wedding and things that they absolutely have to do before the big day otherwise they will be cursed for all their married life. And everybody here wants to be happily married right? So here a list of the most famous wedding superstitions that you can easily follow; believe or not in superstations I suggest to keep them in mind on your wedding day!

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  1. Bride and groom cannot see each other before the wedding! This is a classic superstition. Bride and groom can see each other only before the midnight of the wedding day; otherwise you have to wait until you are at the altar.
  2. The groom cannot see the bride’s wedding dress before the ceremony, this means very bad luck! So you brides to be, do not allow your future husband into your room the night before your wedding or in case he is around and you cannot avoid it hide your wedding dress somewhere else safe (your closet if it fits or somebody else’s room).
    10 wedding supertitions you should keep in mind - 2
  3. On the wedding day the bride must have something old, something new and something borrowed. Something old symbolizes the past and the importance of bride’s previous life; something new symbolizes the future and the new married life ahead; finally something borrowed would ideally be from a family member or a close friend, someone who has a real meaning for the bride. Something borrowed symbolizes that loved people are always with us, even when we start a new phase of our life.
  4. There is also another theory according to which the bride needs to wear something blue on the wedding day. This could be an invisible blue ribbon on bride’s bra, a bracelet with blue details, but it is very common that the bride wear a blue garter under the wedding dress. The blue symbolizes bride’s sincerity and purity.
  5. The bride cannot look herself in the mirror before going to the ceremony, in case she cannot avoid doing so she needs to take off a shoe or an earring or some other accessories.
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  6. If it rains on your wedding day do not panic! In many cultures there are beliefs that states that if it rains on your wedding day this will bring your marriage good luck! This is due to the fact that a wet knot is more difficult to untie than a dry one; that is why you will have a longer and happier marriage than ever!
    10 wedding supertitions you should keep in mind - 4
  7. While going to the ceremony venue the bride must not cross a nun or a monk’s path, this can bring you very bad luck!
  8. During the ceremony keep an eye on your wedding rings! It is extremely important that they do not fall on the ground during the wedding ceremony. In case this happens you must have the priest or your officiant to pick them up. Do not pick them up yourself!
    10 wedding supertitions you should keep in mind - 5
  9. Break a glass once married! According to this belief you will have many happy years of marriage as the pieces the glass breaks into.
  10. There are different theories on the best day of the week to get married. Usually it is known that you should not get married on Tuesday or Friday. Tuesday is the day of Mars, the god of the war so it is obvious that when you are starting a marriage you want to avoid any kind of fight. And Friday is known as the day of the birth of the evil spirits, so you might want to avoid this day too. But it is actually relative, since in some country as Norway, they believe that Friday is an excellent day to get married because is the day of Venus, the God of love. Saturday is the perfect day to get married according to many cultures, which is why the majority of the weddings take place on this day.shutterstock_127839878 (1)

There are many other beliefs and superstitions related to the wedding day, this is a list of the ones I have heard many times, also from my couples. If you know more wedding superstitions it would be great if you could share them in the comments!

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Reasons why you Should Hire a Wedding Videographer

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A question that I usually receive from the bride and groom at the half of the wedding planning process is: “Should we hire a videographer as well?”. Usually all the couples add the “as well” to the question! Once they got a photographer they feel quite satisfied about the artistic coverage of their wedding, so they start thinking about a videographer few weeks or months after they hired a photographer. This is something that always happens to me as wedding planner, I do not know if other colleagues experience the same.

My answer to this question is generally something like: this is actually really up to you guys, I suggest you to have a videographer for these specific reasons (I will explain in few lines), but you should also consider your budget at this point of the planning process. Whatever videography style you choose: cinematic, documentary, artistic, classic, it is extremely worthy to have it and you can definitely adjust your wedding budget to include the videographer’s cost. So, what are the pros to have a videographer for your wedding?

1. A video can capture emotions, feelings and facial expressions that are sometimes hard to capture through photos. I know this is highly arguable, since good photographers can capture all of the above and more, but it is not always like that! Not all the wedding photographers are able to do this, so keep this in mind before taking your decision.

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2. A video can capture sound and music; this is actually an essential and important pro. You can listen to what your guests were saying in a specific moment of the reception for example, you can hear the background voices in the moment the bride walked down the aisle, you can listen to the music selected for the first dance while you watch yourself dancing in the middle of the dance floor and live again that moment. Sound and music tracks are extremely important and useful to evoke memories.
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3. A video allows you to see what you missed the day of your wedding. Usually the bride is getting ready in a hotel room or at home and the groom is doing the same somewhere else, also after getting ready they will take photos for their first look, so what about your guests? After ceremony bride and groom go away for their photo session, so what are the guests doing during this time? Are they having fun? They are obviously having fun, listening to the playlist you selected and enjoying a fresh drinks and appetizers. So you can see all the parts you have missed and there will be some cute and fun scene you definitely do not want to miss. This is possible if you hire a videographer with an assistant, the latter will take care of the guests while the videographer usually goes with couple for the photo session.

_MG_3435 _MG_3405

4. A video allows you to have everlasting and substantial memories of your wedding days. It can be watched every time you want and you can live those moments again and again. Imagine living again and again the moment of the vow exchange during the wedding ceremony, listening to your voice and watching your gesture, this is an emotional moment, full of magic and you can remember it forever with a video. Also, every time you watch it you will discover something new and this is pretty cool for me! I love to watch wedding videos, see all the decoration details and read the emotions on people’s faces.


1 (142) 1 (200)

5. A video allows you to have everlasting and substantial memories of your wedding days. It can be watched every time you want and you can live those moments again and again. Imagine living again and again the moment of the vow exchange during the wedding ceremony, listening to your voice and watching your gesture, this is an emotional moment, full of magic and you can remember it forever with a video. Also, every time you watch it you will discover something new and this is pretty cool for me! I love to watch wedding videos, see all the decoration details and read the emotions on people’s faces.

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6. Having a videographer could be extremely fun for bride and groom, since for a day they will feel like celebrities and they will play in front of the camera. This could be also fun for your guests especially if your videographer is planning to include some short interviews to your guests to sending you their best wishes for this great day.

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7. A video is easy to share with your friends and family, you can also upload it on YouTube and make it public. It is soooo much fun for your guests to watch themselves and remember that special day. It is also very useful to strengthen family relationships and sometimes you will remember people who are no longer with you in the present. Also your children might have access to this video and they will feel part of your special day even if they weren’t there.

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Now, some basic tips before hiring your videographer: ask him if he have already worked with the photographer you hired, since they will have to have a meeting before the wedding, explain him/her clearly what you have in mind and what is your favorite videography style, review some of his/her video samples to have an idea of how he/she works, establish a time schedule for him/her so that he/she knows exactly where to go and the timeline of the event.

So are you still in doubt about hiring a videographer for your wedding? I definitely suggest you to review your wedding budget and make room for a videographer!



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The best of our 2016 weddings


So the 2016 is over and it was a great year, full of challenges and successful destination weddings in Peru. Me and my team worked extremely hard to satisfied and fulfill all of our bride and groom’s requests. At Say I Do in Peru we believe that we cannot start a new year without looking back at what we have done so far and making a point on what we have done well or wrong, what we have learnt and what we have achieved the past year.

In 2016 we have learnt that there are no obstacles impossible to overcome and we actually worked hard to achieve our couples wedding goals. We have learnt that each couple is different, each couple has their special point of views and it has a special way to deal with the wedding planning process. I have grown up a lot this year personally and professionally and I am extremely proud of what I have achieved and the wonderful weddings I have planned in Peru’s most amazing destinations!

The idea of this article is to collect the best moments, details, decorations of our 2016 weddings and it is indeed an opportunity to make you people understand what is my work about!


So here the most amazing sweet table from a wedding I organized in November, with French macarons, decorative macarons towers, chocolate truffles, tarts (lemon, chocolate, pecan), traditional “alfajores”, a Peruvian sweet filled with “dulce de leche”, and much more. This special table, placed at the entrance of the reception area, was decorated with white orchids, glass vases filled with water and white candles, the impact was awesome and the sweets were deliciousssss! The theme of the wedding was Art Deco so the decorative elements added were in line with it, therefore we can see geometrical patterns structures, black, white and gold color scheme and white orchids, the bride’s flower choice for the entire wedding event.




Here the most amazing scenery of 2016, this picture say it all. This is an elopement in the middle of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, organized in a beautiful property nearby the Urubamba River. We found this stunning venue for this lovely couple after a visit in the area and we felt in love with this colonial church and the beauty of the well-maintained grounds. On top of that, the presence of the Andes makes this venue even more charming. The tent structure was actually really simple, since the aim was to preserve the beauty of the place itself. We add few flower decorations on the tent and we opt for this elegant white wrought iron chairs. The result was amazing, as you can see.

1 (115)



Here the most elegant ceremony tent for this couple who wanted to get married in a beachfront location. We selected Paracas as destination and it was easy to create this elegant and sophisticated wedding atmosphere there. White, light grey and taupe were the main colors for this wedding celebration by the Pacific Ocean. The white chairs, the elegant chair decorations, the white petals on the aisle and the white and greenery tent give the setting a magnificent elegance, enriched by the Ocean breeze and the light blue clean sky.

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This is without doubt one of the most amazing wedding shot of 2016, we love the symmetry of the elements and how the colors combined with the background. This snapshot absolutely summarizes what an Andean wedding is, what are the mysticism and intimacy behind this kind of ceremony and the brightness of the colors of that moment. The venue selected was located in Cusco, it was a ground area rounded by Incas walls, a very quiet place, ideal for this kind of intimate ceremony.




The wedding cake has always a special place in a wedding celebration, it is a decorative element so it needs to be beautiful, but of course it also needs to be delicious! Here one of our favorite from 2016 wedding, this wedding cake was actually an art piece, with the perfect flowers decorations and the two doves as topper, to represent the romance and kind of the bride and groom’s love. In Greek mythology doves are associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love, who was always depicted with doves fluttering around or on her arms; we really loved the romance and the idea beyond this unique wedding cake.


We also loved this romantic entrance of bride and groom to the hacienda we selected for their wedding. This was a beautiful country wedding nearby Lima and we loved how all the rustic and country elements combine between each other to recreate the perfect atmosphere of a Peruvian Hacienda wedding. This white carriage was the cherry on top of the cake, and all the wedding guests were totally amazed by the beauty of the horse and the carriage’s flower decorations.W1A_4877

This is just a little part of our 2016 weddings and I feel extremely proud of the job I have done, and happy to be part of these couples’ life forever… but now let’s start focusing on the 2017 weddings, I need to get back to work! 😀

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“Hora Loca”: the perfect way to make your wedding guests dance until dawn!

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It is very common that at certain point of the wedding planning process a foreign bride or groom ended up asking me this question: “I have heard about “hora loca” from my Peruvian relatives or friends, could you please clarify what exactly is? And I always laugh out loud with my team, since this “hora loca” thing really sounds like crazy things to the majority of foreign couples, but they are always very fascinated by it! I guess the exotic side of the expression makes it very attractive to foreigners! Even thought is very common in Latin America and in Miami as well, it is actually unknown to many foreign couples.

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What exactly is “hora loca”? Why is a Peruvian weddings must-have? “Hora loca” is a transitional hour between the wedding reception and the party time, the English translation would be crazy hour. It is a way to encourage your guests to stand up and join the dance floor for a little shake! So it is basically a way to start the party, even if sometimes couple decide to have “hora loca” when the party has already started as a way to give a little boost to it! This decision is actually up to you. But one thing is true: at certain point of your wedding celebration you need to boost the party, since people will be tired after the ceremony, the cocktail, all the talks, the photos and the reception but you still want them to have fun for your special day.

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Do you remember Mardi Gras in New Orleans or Carnival in Brazil? Well, let’s say that “hora loca” is a bit like a Mardi Gras celebration mixed with Brazilian Carnival parade. You will have glow-sticks, sparkly masks, sparkly ties and hats, oversize and colorful glasses, feather boas and colorful balloons all over the reception area during “hora loca”, usually waiters will pass between the tables and distribute these party items to your guests as they pour onto the dance floor. The Dj will be ready to play the best party music ever and pump up the volume. You will have to hire dancers, stilt walkers and other kind of performers to make it spectacular.

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The “hora loca” concept evolved since the last years, you now have plenty of options of thematic shows, you can have a techno theme, an afro theme, a Peruvian “chicha” theme, 80’s theme and much more! You can also have a double “hora loca”, in this case you will have two different shows of 30 minutes each. So Carnivalesque mini-bash is a lot of fun, I can swear you that all the people will get ridiculous and this will help boost your wedding party! Never underestimate Latinos guys; we know exactly how to party!

The “hora loca” would be your surprise factor for your wedding celebration, your guests, especially international ones, will be fascinated by it no matter their background is and Peruvians will have a lot of fun! Chaos will surrounds you, happiness will appear on your guests face and you end up having a wonderful party in a special party, because the “hora loca” is actually a party in a party! So my advice if you are going to get married in Peru is only one: GO FOR IT SINCE YOUR GUESTS WILL LOVE IT AND PARTY TILL THINGS GET CRAZY!

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Photography: Maik Dobiey

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Can I have a beach wedding in Peru?

Bodas Paracas_R3A0534 (2)

When it comes to destination weddings we generally think about weddings in exotic destinations, beachfront weddings with beautiful landscapes, lot of sunshine, stunning sunsets and the smell of the ocean breeze everywhere. This is what comes to my mind…So, one of the questions I often receive from couples is: “is it possible to have a beach wedding in Peru?”

Of course it is!!! Peru is known as a country with a huge variety of landscapes and climate areas. We have three main regions: mountains, forest and coast. Peru has a charming biodiversity and this makes it one of the best touristic destinations in the world! That is why we are able to offer to couples interested in a destination wedding a wide variety of options for their wedding ceremony and reception! So if you are planning to have an exotic beach front wedding ceremony with all the elements we saw before (beautiful landscapes, lot of sunshine, stunning sunsets and the smell of the ocean breeze) you should definitely include Peru in your list!

_MG_3573chico                      Bodas Paracas_G5C4979

I will try to do my best to include the best options here, but I am sure this list will not be a closed one; there will be always a new beautiful destination to discover…that is actually the best part of my work! I am very open to new challenges and I love discovering new venues around the country!

The first destination on my list is Paracas, it is located near Lima, in the Ica region, and it offers beautiful beaches, sun and an amazing fauna. Here you have plenty of choices Bodas Paracas_R3A0534 (2)of venues located in front of the beach, the main hotel chains have their resorts there and the area is pretty quiet and peaceful. So you and your guests will enjoy sun, ocean breeze and you will totally relax under the sun. I do not know if the wife and husband to be will actually manage to relax, we all know that if you are getting married you are all but relax! However, I swear that your guests will have a great time there! There are so many activities and tours they can be engaged in, or they can simply lie on the beach with a great Pisco-based cocktail in a hand and a tasty and fresh “ceviche” in the other! You do not know what Pisco and ceviche are? Oh God you are missing two of life’s pleasures…check it out here and here!

Another destination you might consider is Mancora, located up north in the Piura region. This is place for beautiful and wild beaches, sunshine and stunning sunsets. Same as Paracas, you have extensive venue choices for beach-front weddings and you will definitely have lot of fun. And while you are walking down the aisle barefooted, you will be trapped by the wonderful sunset on the Pacific Ocean. If you have guests who love surfing, or if you love it yourself, this is the spot to choose. Mancora is one of the best destinations in the country for surf spots.Casa Leguia - 4

As you know Lima is the only Latin America’s capital city overlooking the Pacific Ocean, so why do not opt for Lima! There are also here different options you can consider, especially luxury private beach houses in the south area of the capital city. They are mainly located few kilometers far away from Lima. These houses are amazing venues, where you and your guests will have a private and intimate wedding ceremony and you will party until dawn to celebrate your special day! I can ensure you that this is a great option, especially if you have Peruvian guests living in Lima who are not eager to travel elsewhere.

As I said above, these are only few options, but there are many more to discover. Let’s say that Peru is an amazing country and it always gives surprise!

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Entertain your guests, a key tip for a successful destination wedding week!


If you are planning a destination wedding you should be aware that your guests will have to travel somewhere in the world and they are probably planning to stay in the country a week or so. Sometime the trip is a long one and they can also wish to stay more than 10 days abroad. So it is worthy to schedule activities for them and give them suggestions on things to do! I have extensive experience on organizing destination weddings in Peru and my job is also giving advices to the new couples on which activities they can organize for their guests once they arrive here.

So guys, this is a little piece of advice for you: do not be unprepared and put together a real program for your wedding guests with specific activities and options they can choose from for the days before or after your wedding celebration. Usually a week program works best.


Paragliding in Lima, Miraflores

As for Peru, main attractions of the country for people coming here for the first time or people coming here in holiday’s mood are the following: archeological sites, food and adventurous activities. That is why I always suggest organizing cooking classes, special dining experience in Peru’s most famous restaurants, Pisco tasting (for those of you who do not know what Pisco is, just follow the link and you will find out), Pisco cocktail classes, paragliding, bike tours, Sand Boarding Tour, city tours, and last but not least a trip to Cusco and Machu Picchu!

Peru has been considered the best culinary destination of South America recently at the Travel Awards 2016 and the culinary boom that the country has lived is actually unquestionable. So why don’t engage your guests in a hands-on cooking class where they can learn the basic of Peruvian traditional cuisine? They can learn how to cook a delicious ceviche, a “causa limeña” or a juicy “lomo saltado”. From my experience this activity is pretty fun for people and it is a way to socialize, there will always be some guests that do not know each other, especially for big wedding, and this is a great way to break the ice and have fun all together. Of course after the cooking give your guests time to taste their own creation and enjoy a pleasant supper!


Pisco-based Drink

Another option is also focused on gastronomy: organize a special dining experience for them. You can offer them a rehearsal lunch or dinner in a famous restaurant, or you can organize a nice brunch with a beautiful view of the ocean or an outdoor picnic in the middle of the Sacred Valley of the Incas or in the charming Lima’s Malecon! It is really up to you, there are plenty of culinary options in a country such as Peru.

Do your guests want to have fun and want to learn more about the country’s lifestyle? A Pisco tasting activity in a cool and trendy venue is a must to include in your wedding week! People will have the opportunity to taste different Pisco-based cocktails and to chat to each other and hav lots of fun! I highly recommend this activity especially if you have young guests who love drinking, chatting and having fun. Another option is to organize a Pisco cocktails class, so that your guests will learn how to prepare the basic Pisco drinks, such as Pisco Sour and Chilcano.

shutterstock_88078222-MULTI-ACTIVITY FOTO PROGRAMAchico

Rafting in the Urubamba River, Sacred Valley

As for adventurous activities we can suggest to do paragliding if you are getting married in Lima and your guests are planning to stay in the capital city a couple of day! This is a great experience for people who love altitude and risk and they will be able to see the city from another perspective! Usually the activity is held in the early afternoon, but it depends from the wind and it is unpredictable, which could definitely be an issue if you do not have a backup plan.

Sand-boarding is also another option if your guests love adventure. For this specific activity you will have to travel to Paracas, a desert area where there are a series of dunes perfect for Sandboarding. You will go up and down the dunes pirouetting, feeling the excitement and adrenaline that the activity offers, and enjoying the stunning landscape. That’s a lot of fun!


Huacachina, Ica Region

Last but not least, the best option is to plan a “chaperoned honeymoon” to Cusco and Machu Picchu, since these are the most important spots to visit in the country and the majority of your guests will be interested in visiting them. In this case what you have to do is organize a real group trip, and taking care of flights (you need to flight from Lima to Cusco), trains to Machu Picchu, guided tour (once you are there it is extremely worthy to have a knowledgeable guide), transportations, meals, hotels! I know…it is a lot to take care of, but believe me that this is a once in a lifetime experience and very special for you since you will be rounded by your friends and family.


Machu Picchu

There are plenty of other options I can suggest for your destination wedding week in Peru, just leave me a comment and I will be happy to help you! Peru is waiting for you guys!