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“Hora Loca”: the perfect way to make your wedding guests dance until dawn!

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It is very common that at certain point of the wedding planning process a foreign bride or groom ended up asking me this question: “I have heard about “hora loca” from my Peruvian relatives or friends, could you please clarify what exactly is? And I always laugh out loud with my team, since this “hora loca” thing really sounds like crazy things to the majority of foreign couples, but they are always very fascinated by it! I guess the exotic side of the expression makes it very attractive to foreigners! Even thought is very common in Latin America and in Miami as well, it is actually unknown to many foreign couples.

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What exactly is “hora loca”? Why is a Peruvian weddings must-have? “Hora loca” is a transitional hour between the wedding reception and the party time, the English translation would be crazy hour. It is a way to encourage your guests to stand up and join the dance floor for a little shake! So it is basically a way to start the party, even if sometimes couple decide to have “hora loca” when the party has already started as a way to give a little boost to it! This decision is actually up to you. But one thing is true: at certain point of your wedding celebration you need to boost the party, since people will be tired after the ceremony, the cocktail, all the talks, the photos and the reception but you still want them to have fun for your special day.

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Do you remember Mardi Gras in New Orleans or Carnival in Brazil? Well, let’s say that “hora loca” is a bit like a Mardi Gras celebration mixed with Brazilian Carnival parade. You will have glow-sticks, sparkly masks, sparkly ties and hats, oversize and colorful glasses, feather boas and colorful balloons all over the reception area during “hora loca”, usually waiters will pass between the tables and distribute these party items to your guests as they pour onto the dance floor. The Dj will be ready to play the best party music ever and pump up the volume. You will have to hire dancers, stilt walkers and other kind of performers to make it spectacular.

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The “hora loca” concept evolved since the last years, you now have plenty of options of thematic shows, you can have a techno theme, an afro theme, a Peruvian “chicha” theme, 80’s theme and much more! You can also have a double “hora loca”, in this case you will have two different shows of 30 minutes each. So Carnivalesque mini-bash is a lot of fun, I can swear you that all the people will get ridiculous and this will help boost your wedding party! Never underestimate Latinos guys; we know exactly how to party!

The “hora loca” would be your surprise factor for your wedding celebration, your guests, especially international ones, will be fascinated by it no matter their background is and Peruvians will have a lot of fun! Chaos will surrounds you, happiness will appear on your guests face and you end up having a wonderful party in a special party, because the “hora loca” is actually a party in a party! So my advice if you are going to get married in Peru is only one: GO FOR IT SINCE YOUR GUESTS WILL LOVE IT AND PARTY TILL THINGS GET CRAZY!

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Photography: Maik Dobiey

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