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The Importance of Flower Decorations for Outdoor Weddings

flowers decorations

Flowers decorations are key for outdoor wedding celebrations, they bring that bucolic touch to the event bride and groom are looking for. If you are planning an outdoor wedding you want to get married in an open space, in the middle of nature, in a beautiful garden with trees all around, in the middle of a valley with the Peruvian Andes as background or on the beach with the Pacific Ocean at the back. But in few words, what is important to you is: to be rounded by nature!
beautiful skyview for weddings

Lately we organized a charming outdoor destination wedding in Lima, in a beautiful villa on the top of a hill where you could appreciate Lima’s skyline! The event was not properly in the middle of nowhere or into the wildest nature ever, but we tried to recreate the bucolic atmosphere with flower decorations. We know that nothing is impossibile when it comes to bride and groom’s wishes! 🙂

flower decotations for outdoor weddings

So we tried to incorporate in the decoration several flowers elements, such as swing decorations, little flore arrangements for the ceremony path, and we also include a tree decoration for the cheese table. The atmosphere was really magic, a real fairy tale.

flowers decorations for ceremony

For the ceremony we used swing decorations, three big flower arrangements and several white babiesbreath arrangements for the path to the ceremony.

cheese table decoration

The imponent tree decoration was set right in the middle of the cheese table, rounded by bread rolls, olives, dry and fresh fruit and obviously many different kind of delicious cheese.

sweet table decorations for wedding

For the dessert table we use a huge flower arrangements on the green tones. We placed right behind the wedding cake. It looked amazing! The cake was a naked ones with red berries and topped with one of the cutest cake topper we have ever seen. The little sweets placed all around were the perfect complements for the beautiful flower arrangements.

bar decorations with wood and flowers

Where we could not use flowers we decided to use wooden elements, such as for the bar and the beers station. Foliage, flowers and wood were the main carachters for this wedding event.

reception table decoration for wedding

The reception table was a long squared table for about 30-35 people, with a long flower arrangement on the white and green tones. Actually the mise en place of the table was really simple but the main character was the flower arrangement for sure. We rounded the reception table with swing flower decorations, to complete the natural feeling of the area.

fun with weddings

The beautiful swimming pool also helped us including another nature element: water. Obviously at the end of the part bride, groom and guests jumped into the pool. It was a lot of fun!

This wedding really helped us understanding that nothing is impossible when it comes to wedding events, and that the importance of flowers decorations is really undisputed. We loved playing with flowers and wooden elements to recreate the atmosphere bride and groom were looking for.

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Dessert Table Inspiration for a Rustic Wedding

dessert table wedding 2

I had the pleasure to organize several outdoor rustic weddings in the past years, but I have to admit that the last one really impressed me for decorations and the beautiful dessert table. Ceremony and reception were held in the same venue, a beautiful hacienda nearby Lima, and everything was set outdoor. In this article I want to share with you how we set up the dessert table, the desserts used and the decoration details.

dessert table say i do in peru

The sweet table was placed in the reception area, alongside the guests’ tables. The table was approximately 8 and half meters long, rigorously made of wood, considering that bride and groom wanted a rustic-style wedding. The table was also enriched with flower decorations, in line with the wedding’s colour-palette: white and navy blue.

dessert table wedding

At the centre of the long table we placed the beautiful wedding cake, prepared by Dulcefina., one of our wedding cake supplier in Lima. The cake was a 2-layer naked cake decorated with immaculate white roses and foliage. Bride and groom opted for a carrot cake. It was a very elegant cake and it tasted spectacular!

dessert table wedding cake

Alongside the carrot cake there were several other desserts on the wooden table, as you can see in the photos. Bride and groom decided to opt for a special mix of tradition Peruvian desserts, such as “Pie de Limon” and “alfajores” and more international ones, such as brownies and cupcakes.

dessert table wedding SID

The desserts selected in this occasion were: blueberry and chocochips cupacakes, nuts cupcakes, little lime pies, passion fruit pies, three chocolates mousse shots, cornflour “alfajores”. “Alfajor” is a traditional Peruvian dessert made of two soft biscuits, in this case the pastry chef used cornflour, filled with “dulce de leche”. To respect symmetries and emphasise the beauty of the wedding cake, we placed two chocolate truffles arrangements decorated with Baby’s Breath flowers at the cake’s sides. We placed brownies in glass jars, cupcakes and mini pies in cake stands, all wrapped with flower arrangements.

dessert table wedding FLOWERS

The result was a spectacular dessert table, finely decorated with a rustic style, with delicious desserts. I think this is the ideal desserts set up for a sophisticated outdoor reception in a Hacienda. Guests loved it!


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Tips for Picking the Right Bouquet for your Wedding

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Sometimes, picking the bouquet could be an issue! Don’t know what to do or what to choose? Don’t worry, here I give you some useful tips that you better keep in mind while planning your wedding!


A main element you should consider before picking your wedding bouquet is the style of your wedding celebration: will it be romantic, bohemian, rustic, classic? For example if you choose a rustic wedding, the perfect bouquet must include colorful wildflowers and twine, if you choose a romantic wedding, you can use white and light pink roses and for a bohemian wedding you can use an eye-catching bouquet with field flowers, feathers, leaves, branches and spikes.


Another tip to picking the bouquet is the height of the bride; you don’t need to use a big or heavy bouquet if you are not tall, try to find a bouquet size according to your height.


The way you going to carry the bouquet, the size and shape are very relevant, we can choose between classic bouquets, cascade bouquet, round bouquet, posy, etc. for example if you want to take it very relaxed  you can chose a classic or posy bouquet.


You need to know that the bouquet is one of the most important accessories for your wedding, so be sure to have everything quite ready before picking the flowers for your bouquet because this needs to be in line with all the other elements of our wedding (dress, decoration, colorpalette, centerpiece, etc.)




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Five Centerpiece Ideas for your Wedding Reception

featured image

Centerpiece is always going to catch the attention of your guests, so in this article I’m going to give you 5 tips for picking the perfect flower centerpiece for your reception tables.

1Looking at the color tones is essential, especially considering the venue you pick. It could be a beach wedding, an outdoor wedding, a hacienda wedding or a wedding in a Hotel ballroom, and there are color schemes that are more suitable for an outdoor wedding than for a wedding hosted in a hotel ballroom for example, so keep this in mind! You can certainly use light colors for your flower centerpiece for an outdoor or a beach wedding, and intense color tones if your wedding will be hosted in a ballroom.

Five Centerpiece Ideas for your Wedding Reception #2Also remember that the centerpiece plays an important part in your wedding photo session so try to combine it with other colors elements, such as your bouquet, details of your wedding dress, colors of your bridesmaids’dress, etc.

3The type of flowers to choose is also another detail you should consider. First of all you should get information on the types of flowers available on that season and in the country you decided to get married. As for Peru I always suggest to brides to opt for Peruvian flowers, which are exotic and very colorful. Brides usually love them!

Five Centerpiece Ideas for your Wedding Reception #4It´s not necessary to spend a lot of money in flowers, you can have a great result using a lot of greenery for example. This could be a good option if your budget is not so flexible.

Five Centerpiece Ideas for your Wedding Reception #5Flower vase is another element you should select, this choice is important since this complements how your centerpiece will look like. So consider the size, the color, the material and the decoration. All these details need to be in harmony with the venue and the color palette you chose.

Five Centerpiece Ideas for your Wedding Reception #6

Five Centerpiece Ideas for your Wedding Reception #7

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Peruvian-style Wedding Cakes


When planning a destination wedding main goal is to stick with traditions, culture and customs of the country who is hosting your wedding celebration. To my experience, it is always very important for our couples to include the “Peruvian essence” in their wedding ceremony and reception. This is extremely important since your guests will be travelling here and they really want to go back home with a full idea of what Peru can offer in terms of traditions, customs, lifestyle, people, language, food and most importantly they want to know how a wedding in Peru looks like, how do we organize wedding ceremony and reception here, how do we decorate the venue, etc.

For instance some couples choose to have a traditional Andean ceremony in a beautiful site somewhere in the Andean mountains, usually the Sacred Valley of the Incas, other couples choose to have traditional Peruvian music for their ceremony with wind instruments such as panpipes and flutes or stringed instruments like the “charango”, we also had brides who decided to wear a wedding dress enriched with a typical Peruvian embroidery or couple who wanted to use Peruvian-style decoration for their ceremony and reception, such as Peruvian fabrics used to decorate the reception venue, Peruvian flowers or cactus as centerpieces. There are many ways to recreate the “Peruvian essence”, but there is only one “sweet” way to do so: go for a Peruvian-style wedding cake!



The wedding cake is one of the main actors of the wedding reception, apart from bride and groom of course. So it is actually a brilliant idea to have a Peruvian-style wedding cake to enrich the reception setup and to add a Peruvian touch to your wedding celebration! Usually the cake is placed in the middle of the reception area on a table covered by a beautiful tablecloth in line with the wedding color-palette and with some lighting decorations or candles.

There are different ways to set-up the wedding cake table, you can add decorative elements, candles, petals, special lighting, special tablecloths, decorative birdcages, etc. … decoration is really up to you!  However I can swear that if you opt for a Peruvian-style wedding cake there will be no need to have any other decorative elements, since they could weigh the cake table down. Peruvian decorative patterns are so eccentric, colourful, vibrant that you will not need any other details than the cake itself.

You can opt for a different kind of Peruvian decoration, you can add typical Peruvian flowers or flowers of traditional colors, such as red, blue, purple and orange. These colors are the ones typically used in the famous and beautiful Peruvian fabrics sold in the market all over the country, as well as exported worldwide. As decorative elements you can also use colourful ribbons to round each cake’s tier or rustic ribbons to give the cake a country-style touch. It is also very important to choose the right topper for your cake. If you are up to a Peruvian-style wedding cake you can use a beautiful bouquet of Peruvian flowers as topper, or traditional Peruvian characters or two little llamas.


A part from white fondant you can also consider to use colourful fondant with typical Peruvian patterns decoration. Every Peruvian region has a specific pattern and design used in fabric and other handcrafts, for example in Arequipa we have big and colourful flowers, in Cusco we have little geometric patterns and so on. But the truth is that all of them are actually beautiful! This way your wedding cake will look like a traditional Peruvian fabric and your guests will definitely stair at it.



As for the flavors you can actually go for everything you like, but to stick with Peruvian tradition a cake with Brazilian nuts, raisin, candy fruits and pecans filled with “Dulce de leche” could be an option, a traditional chocolate cake filled with fudge is also another good option.

Dulcefina, one of the supplier in our network, has extensive experience preparing beautiful and elegant wedding cakes with Peruvian-style decorations, Peruvian flowers and much more. She uses to work with foreigners who wants to tie the knot in Peru and they perfectly understand all our clients’ requests. She has always fulfilled all of our couples’ requests and special requirements so far and she is extremely reliable. She has many experience in the market and we totally trust in her work. The cake models shown in this blog article are all made by Dulcefina. You can find more information on her work here

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Ocean Breeze: a romantic color palette for a beach wedding

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Light blue and pink tones are a perfect combination if we want to create a sophisticated and romantic atmosphere. If we add some green detail for example foliage in the flowers we can reach the perfect contrast for a fun, elegant and romantic beach wedding.


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Bridesmaids can opt for neutral colors dresses which perfectly combined with location while the bride will opt for a white dress like the ocean’s foam.


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And do not forget about the shoes!

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This is an extremely important detail…we suggest to opt for gold and white shoes.

The groom can opt for a cream suit, which will be perfect at the bride’s side. Better with some color details which will drow guests attention.

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These tones are very appropriate to the location, since they allow to recall the ocean breeze, its freshness and its romantic side.

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6 ideas for wedding bouquets


Flower bouquets apart from being the perfect complement for a dream wedding have a great importance for brides, and they are a detail you should never overlook. When bride is going down the aisle guests will look at your bouquet for sure, so choose it carefully and most important try to stick with your wedding color palette while choosing color and shape of the flowers.

They have been used as amulets since ancient times, so the choice of a specific flower, a specific color or shape has a meaning, such as purity, good luck, joy, happiness, etc..

Here are some bouquet options from our brides, each one has an important meaning for the bride who chose it.
For a vintage wedding we suggest delicate flowers in light pastel colors, such as light ping, light orange and blue. Pink roses are perfect for romantic weddings, especially mixed with white ones. This kind of bouquet is perfect for sophisticated bride.



If you want a glamorous wedding red roses is what you really need, better if combined with green foliage. As you know bouquets can have very different shapes, what do you think about a cascade red rose’s bouquet, like the one in the picture? We actually loved it!



If you want to stick with traditions, you can just go for a classic white roses bouquets, round style! This is perfect for a classic wedding!

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Photo credit close up: Maik Dobiey – Marco Nishiyama 

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Peruvian-style Centerpieces for your Destination Wedding in Peru


In the last years I helped several brides who really wanted to recreate a special and traditional Peruvian atmosphere for their destination wedding in Peru! One of the most important decorative elements for a wedding reception is the centerpiece, an essential part of your wedding table set-up. Centerpieces are very useful to create a specific theme or atmosphere and you have to choose the right one.

From my experience a bad centerpiece can ruin all of your wedding photos, so thinks about it twice before making this choice!

The basic rule is that the centerpiece must be in line with your color palette, I mean the colors you are using for invitation cards, Thank you cards, save the date, ceremony programs, ceremony flower arrangements, your bouquet and your maid of honor dresses. For example, if you are planning to have a lavender and ivory bouquet you shouldn’t use light blue or yellow flowers for your centerpieces. These are basic tips, but there is so much to say on these topics…I am sure we will have time to do so in the future. If you have questions, just drop me a comment and I will be happy to answer.

For brides who really wanted to recreate a Peruvian traditional atmosphere we came up with several ideas of floral and non-floral centerpieces that I would like to share with you, and I am pretty sure that you can use them for your Destination Wedding in Peru:


As I always say, when it comes to a wedding reception, flowers make a big difference
! We opted for a long greenery centerpiece filled with traditional Peruvian flowers for an
outdoor reception in a Hacienda in the middle of the Sacred Valley of the Incas. This kind of floral arrangement is actually extremely visible and creates a beautiful effect. You do not need to use a vase or any other special box, just fix the flowers on the table and let them speak for themselves. This kind of centerpiece is ideal with wooden rustic tables. The rustic effect you create will be awesome!

Another idea is to use traditional Peruvian fabric on the table and add some details, such as Peruvian traditional astromelias or succulents. This set-up is ideal for outdoor wedding and your guests will love it. If you use little succulent plants they can also bring them home as favors. This centerpiece idea should be used for couples who really want a traditional Peruvian wedding and that love colors, since Peruvian fabrics are, a part that beautiful, also very colorful and they are not recommended for couples who like simple decoration and plain colors.

c    de

Another way you could add a traditional Peruvian touch to your wedding table set-up is to use as centerpiece Peruvian ingredients, such as yellow or red aji peppers, fresh or dried fruits or traditional Peruvian items, such as little sculptures of men or women dressed with traditional dresses or crock pots, that are often used in the criolla cuisine. In this way be sure that your guests will not forget that they are in Peru for your destination wedding.

We believe that adding a traditional touch to your wedding reception tables could add value to your destination wedding in Peru. These are only some ideas of Peruvian-style centerpieces, but we can find tons of amazing options for you.

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Peruvian-style Wedding Bouquets


Bouquets are one of the most important things to choose when you are planning a wedding, even if some bride really put little attention on this detail, since they prefer to focus on their dress or on the ceremony atmosphere.  We believe the wedding flowers are a great part of your wedding and you have to think about it with attention trying to match the colors and style with your wedding theme, your dress and the color palette you choose. Here you will find beautiful examples of wedding bouquets that you might choose for your wedding day, and as you can see we tried to propose you colourful flowers combined with beautiful Peruvian traditional fabrics. That way you will add a special peruvian touch to your wedding celebration and you will have a very oroginal bouquet.


Peru is famous for brilliant and warm colors, as well as for great and joyful celebrations. If you decide to pick the traditional Peruvian theme don’t step back and dare to choose Peruvian flowers for your wedding bouquet, such as Peruvian astromelias. These flowers are very colorful and they will add a vibrant touch to your wedding dress.You can wrap your bouquet in colorful traditional fabric, as in the photo above or you can simply go for a white fabric, as shown below, with a little colourful detail on top. In this last case flowers and green foliage will be the bouquet’s main attraction.


If you don’t like the bright colors, you can choose flowers in pastels tones with some flowers of strong colors, such as yellow or red, to create an incredible and beautiful contrast. Do not forget to add foliage and a green touch as well.


Other option is to combine several traditional Peruvian flowers and to decorate the base of the bouquet with traditional Peruvian pompoms, which make your wedding bouquet very original and trendy. The fashion icon, Sarah Jessica Parker,  in her last trip to Peru bought so many Peruvian pompoms in a local market as souvenir and as material to create brand new fashion accessories! So do not forget this original tip we are giving here, it will be very useful if you want to have a trendy wedding celebration in Peru!


If instead of a small bouquet, you want a big and airy one you can let fly your imagination and opt for a mixed-flowers bouquet, very colorful as the one below! The key here is to choose flowers of different sizes and lengths and combine bright colors all together. This contrast will actually create harmony and your guests will be amazed by your flowers, since will be the first thing they will look at! You can also use long and colorful ribbon to decorate it!


Those are only few ideas; you can do many of different things playing with flowers colors, sizes and decorative tools. The most important thing is that your wedding flower bouquet reflects your personality and the theme you chose for your special day! Our advice is “just let your imagination fly”! If you like this don’t forget to follow us for more wedding tips, pin and share this article with your friends.