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Getting Married During COVID-19 Pandemic


Covid-19 pandemic has hit wedding industry badly, but as people are getting vaccinated and we have more weapons to fight against this pandemic we can also start planning small and middle-size gatherings. Many couples are now scheduling their weddings, booking services and the wedding planning coordination is starting again. However, we should consider that there is no “zero risk” event anymore, what we can do is to limit the risk and take all the necessary precautions.  

One thing we know for sure: weddings will be different but we will keep creating unique experiences for our couples. 


Here some useful tips if you are planning to get married in 2021 or 2022: 

  • Try to opt for an outdoor venue, in case you choose an indoor venue make sure there is the right amount of windows for ventilation purposes and that it’s big enough based on the number of your guests. 
  • Reduce the guest list and opt for a mid-size event instead of a big wedding. 


  • Live-stream your wedding, for people who do not feel safe to come, people that you had to cut from the guests list for COVID reasons, or people who are doing a quarantine can be there with you. 
  • Plan the seating arrangements smartly so that your guests will have the right security distance and there are no more than 8 people at each table. You might want to place at the same table people from the same household and do not mix people. 
  • Use signals on the floor to make people aware of the distance they have to keep at the buffet table or at the bar. Try to personalize them based on your wedding theme. 
  • Create one or two “sanitizing station” where your guests can find hand sanitizer and masks. Also place a basket with those items in each bathroom. 


  • Encourage your guests and wedding suppliers to do a COVID-19 test 24 hours before the wedding. You can also make arrangements and pay them. Depending on the country a negative test could be mandatory to take part in indoor event.


  • Send your guests the safety protocols to follow few days before the event to make sure that everybody is on the same page and avoid misunderstandings. 
  • After the wedding keep track of your guests and make sure to have all the contact numbers of guests and suppliers in case of unexpected COVID-19 cases.  
  • Las but not least get yourself a wedding planner, you will really need it now. 

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