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Bridesmaids Pre-Wedding Duties

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So you’re happen to be a bridesmaid for your upcoming best friend’s wedding and, a part of being honoured your friend’s chose you, you are already freaking out about what you have to do before, during and after the wedding day? In this article we tried to make your life easier and to list all the duties a bridesmaid has to performe before the wedding event. More article on bridesmaid’s duties on the wedding day will come soon! So do not worry. Think about this article as an ultimate Bridesmaids Pre-Wedding Duties Checklist!

Jumping bridemaids

  • Help with the bachelorette party and bridal shower planning process. Sometimes bridesmaids are also required to help paying for it. If you are a group of more people, you can simply split the cost of the events. Usually the Maid of Honour is in charge of the planning process and the cost, but a hand would definitely be useful to her. So, offer your help! Help the Maid of Honour to find a location for the party, help with decorations, organize surprises for the bride-to-be, help coordinating any special activity and game for the party, keep a record of gifts received so that the bride-to-be will be able to send proper thank you cards to the guests. Also, if you are planning to go somewhere else and have a destination bachelorette party or bridal shower you can help with flights, hotel coordination, restaurants bookings, among others.

Briedmaid’s and bride

  • Help with all the other pre-wedding events, such as rehearsal lunch/dinner, picnic, cocktails, any special activities the bride wish to include in her wedding week. And obviously attend them and show up on time!
  • Buy your bridesmaid dress, shoes and accessories (even if you hate the color palette the bride chose. Just do it!). Sometimes the bride offers to pay for them or a part of them, but try to be clear on this from the real beginning to avoid any akwardeness. In my experience, bridesmaids pay for their dress, shoes and accessories and the bride pays for their hair, make-up and nails on the wedding day, and eventually a test few days before the big event. But, as I told you before, try to be clear on this from the beginning. Also, if you have to order the dress, accessories and shoes on-line, keep track of the weeks left before the wedding and make the purchase on time. Especially because you might need an additional week for last minutes seamstress’ changes and alterations. Plus, you do not want to face any delivery delays, that can create big wedding drama! If the bridesmaid has not her dress ready for the wedding day, the bride could be very upset…and you want to avoid this!

Bouquets Bridemaids

  • Go wedding dress shopping with the bride-to-be. This is a very special moment for her, who will love to share it with the dearest people in her life. So do not miss it! She will probably bring her mom, her sister and mother-in-law as well. So feel proud to be there for this big decision. Also help choose the bridal accessories and do a bit of research on the latest bridal fashion trends, it might come in handy.

dress for the wedding

  • Buy a wedding gift! Just log into their wedding registry and buy something they would love it, even if you would probably be overwhelmed with the planning of the pre-wedding events, do not forget about this important thing! Sometimes bridesmaids can opt for cumulative gift, a big one for instance. Just talk about it with the bridesmaid’s squad and make the decision together.

a present for a bride

  • Be the bride’s support for all the wedding planning process. We all know that planning a wedding could be extremely stressful and overwhelming. Try to support her and be posite even in the most difficult times. Additional costs, suppliers issues, last minute problems with guests’ cancellation, important decisions to make can be very stressful moments for the bride, so be there for her! Show her empathy and make her feel that everything has a solution and do your best to help her solve any issue arised.

Best friends

This is only a list of pre-wedding bridesmaids’ duties, so stay tuned for the upcoming article on the bridesmaids duties on the wedding day!



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Glamour Black and Gold Color Palette

Glamour black and gold color palette 2

The combination of black with golden tones is perfect if you want a glamorous and luxurious wedding celebration.

The details of the cards, decoration, and rings in this wedding play an important role and give an interesting contrast with the environment of the ballroom.

Bride’s shoes are so glamorous; they are gold and have beautiful detail at the back, a precious ornament with shiny stones. The gold color comes back in the tie and the pocket-handkerchief of the groomsmen and the beautiful and elegant bridesmaids’ dresses. This color palette was chosen for a New Year’s Eve wedding and the effect was amazing.

Glamour black and gold color palette

Glamour black and gold color palette 7

Glamour black and gold color palette 3

Glamour black and gold color palette 5

Glamour black and gold color palette 6

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Tips for Picking Bridesmaids Dresses

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Picking the bride’s dress is certainly the biggest choice you have to make for a wedding celebration, but after it you need to start thinking about your bridesmaids dress. The general rule is: buy your bridesmaids dresses after you bought your dress and you selected the venue and the date for your special day. Venue and date are things you should have already set before shopping for your dress as well, as I say here:

The aim of this article is to give you some useful tips before picking bridesmaids dress:

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  • Look at your dress, the style and the silhouette of your dress, as well as the color, the texture and the details. Your bridesmaids’ dress should definitely fit the vibe of your dress. There should be some sort of connection between the bride’s dress and the one of her bridesmaids. For example if your dress is a boho/vintage style, your bridesmaids cannot ware an eccentric gold and sparkly dress or a very formal dress.

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  • As you should have done before choosing your dress, always consider the date and the time of the wedding. A black long dress is not a good pick for a spring or summer midday-wedding celebration, or a hot pink short dress for a fall late night wedding. So always keep in mind that every season has its colors and every time of the day has its dress etiquette as well.
  • Your bridesmaids are your best friends so you should know them very well and know what they like, what they do not like, what they would wear and what they would never wear in their life. So always keep in mind their preferences before making the choice. Also, it would be good if you could include them in some way in the final decision. Flexibility is a great skill you should show here, as well as being understanding.


  • I am sure your friends are beautiful to you, but let’s be real, not all your bridesmaids will have the perfect body to fit any kind of dress, there is always a very tall one, or a very short one, one with broad hips or a tiny waste, etc. So pay attention to all these details and try to find the dress that can perfectly fit them all and most importantly that can allow them to feel good in it for that day. Your besties will have to smile a lot and to take thousands of photos with you, so let them be comfortable at your wedding! Something that could be done in this situation is to use the same fabric and tailor different dresses for your bridesmaids depending on their silhouette shapes. You can use a mix of lengths and necklines for example.
  • Try to match the color you are going to pick for bridesmaids dress with your wedding color palette and take also in account that bridesmaids have flower bouquets that need to be matched with the dress. So keep in mind that too!


  • Accessories them! You should pick a nice necklace, or a cool pair of shoes that can all wear that day. This will look very nice on your wedding photos.
  • Set the budget with your friends. Do not assume that your bridesmaids have plenty of money to spend on your wedding day and set a specific budget for it and let them agree on the cost.

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Latest trends are using different kind of textures in the same colors for bridesmaids that works for informal wedding. For a very formal wedding it is necessary to use the same fabric for bridesmaids dress and in my opinion it would be better to have also the same dress silhouette for all of them. Other trend is to use different shade of specific color, for example shades of blue, or shades of green, this is a very common tendency lately, and I have to admit that the perfect combination of shades can look amazing!


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Find the perfect wedding dress for you with these tips

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Find the perfect wedding dress to complement your body shape is a hard one! When shopping for your wedding dress you should focused on colors, fabric, details, but most importantly on the silhouette style of the dress, since it needs to perfectly fit your body shape. This is actually good, since you will see that you manage to limit the endless stream of wedding dress choices on the market.

What does “it needs to perfectly fit your body shape” mean? The wedding dress needs to emphasize your best body features and it needs to de-emphasize your critical areas (large shoulders, tiny waste, broad hips, etc.) The key here is to enhance your figure and make you look amazing for your wedding day!

If you have a full bust and full hips kind of body shape with waist definition you should definitely opt for a classic A-line model which camouflage hips, balance wide shoulders and it is the perfect way to elongate your body line. It’s a classic wedding dress style from the 50’s and it is actually ideal for several kinds of body shapes such as the apple, pear and rectangle shapes.

3 (91)

If you have a full bust and full hips kind of body shape without waist definition you should definitely avoid puffy designs and stiff fabrics, so do not opt for the ball gown silhouette style, but rather go for a softer style such as the empire model or the classic A-line dress. This will definitely help hiding your critical area, such as broad hips or big thighs. The empire model has a high waist and short bodice and the skirt begins under the bustline. This style de-emphasizes the waist-line and makes you look taller and leaner.

1 (78)v2

If you have broad hips and little shoulder (triangle shape) you can also opt for a mermaid silhouette style, which follows your body line from the chest to the knees and then flares out into a widening skirt. It is a glamorous and sensual style, ideal for brides who want to show off their curves. This type of dress is not good for apple shape and plus size brides. A special tip: this dress style is ideal for those brides extremely comfortable with their body, so if you do not feel that way it is not worthy to wear it. Remember that the wedding day, you should look awesome, happy and you should not be worried about how you look like or if the dress is too much for you.

3 (16)b                       View More:

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Very similar to the marmeid silhouette is the trumpet model, the difference is that this style has a straight-lined bodice and the cut before the flair skirt begins is more pronounced. It is ideal for bride with small waist, but not for apple share and pear shape brides since it stresses critical areas, such hips and belly.


Another classic wedding dress silhouette is the ball gown, which is characterized by a fitted bodice through to a tiny waist with a full skirt. This type of dress is good for almost all body shapes since it balances proportions, but it is not a good choice for short bride and apple shapes with full bust, full hips and no waist definition. A special tip: this silhouette style looks good on masculine figures, since it enhances elegance and bride’s feminine side and it gives the illusion of improving your body curves.

If you are short and slim and you are in love with simple and elegant dresses you should opt for the sheath model, a signature of simplicity that extends your bodyline and gives the illusion of height. This silhouette style has no waistline and the skirt falls straight down the floor, this creates a sense of elegance and sophistication.

Overall, what I can say from my experience as wedding planner the silhouette style is essential but it is also important that every bride doesn’t limit her preferences and try on all the dresses that she likes. These are only tips, the real wedding dress is also made by the bride, her personality and her appeal. Finally one thing I have personally experienced: that day you will look amazing and radiant, since your happiness will make vibrate everything!

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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress


Are you in that moment of the wedding planning process? I know…it’s a big deal! Choosing your wedding dress is a stressful and extremely important decision a bride needs to make. Let’s start from the color, it can also be a huge issue: “I might opt for a classic white, no wait maybe ivory is classier… and if I opt for ivory…which shade of ivory should I go for? … Or maybe a champagne tone goes more with my skin color.” We better do not mention the kind of the fabric, should I opt for an embroidered lace or for a more simple option such as satin … should I consider chiffon or tulle … and what about the accessories you might want to use???… it is a huge and apocalyptic decision! As you can see there are soooooo many things you should consider before choosing your wedding dress, but one thing is for sure: try not to make such a big deal!


The purpose of this article is to help you consider the relevant and pertinent things before making the big choice. Here a list of things you should definitely consider before going shopping for your wedding dress:

  • BUDGET: this is an extremely important issue, without money you cannot have the $ 100,000.00 dress of your dream. So prioritize and come up with a real budget for the dress. This should not include accessories, so reserve a part of budget for accessories: veils, shoes (I mean SHOES, other scary and apocalyptic issue!), jewelries, tiaras and more.
  • DO RESEARCH: you should definitely spend some time researching the web and the major bridal and wedding magazines. You will end up knowing the names of the best wedding dress designers and dreaming about haute couture wedding dresses. Other suggestion I can give you is to prepare some mood boards with what you have in mind, perhaps use Pinterest; this will help organizing your ideas. You can divide the boards based on the dress color, the dress length, the top choices and the less probable choices, etc.


  • SEASON: take in account when you are getting married. Is it a spring wedding, a winter wedding, a summer or fall wedding? This is something you got to have clear before making your choice. On the season depends the fabric you might want to use, the neckline, the accessories and much more.
  • TIME AND PLACE: you should consider at what time are you getting married, is it a day or a night wedding? Also what about the venue? Is it a rustic Hacienda, a luxury hotel ballroom or an open space with a tent? All this factors influence your wedding dress choice. For example if you are tying the knot during the daytime you can also consider a short wedding dress.

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  • LENGTH: definitely consider length as an important factor and have a clear idea of the length of the dress you are looking for. Are you looking for a floor-length wedding dress? or do you prefer a knee-length? Or what you have always dreamed of was a wedding dress train? And if this is the case, a cathedral train, a royal train or perhaps a chapel train? … So, have this clear before going shopping!
  • SILHOUETTE: you got to be honest with you and your body. Try to find the dress shape that best fits your silhouette. For example if you have some problems in the hips and thighs you should opt for a ball gown dress, if you have curves go for a mermaid dress, etc.

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A part from all the items listed above I suggest you to be honest with yourself and also to believe in your instincts, so if you feel like you have just found the dress of your dream, just go for it. Try to make it not so complicated! Also try to think outside of the box and be open to different styles, even if you have your own thoughts on the wedding dress. Many brides opt for dresses that not necessarily reflect their style. So, good luck on your wedding dress hunting!


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Top 3 Peruvian Fashion Designers for Wedding Dresses


Thinking about getting married in Peru? Do you want to get married in an original and sophisticated dress inspired to Peruvian traditions and you are still looking for the perfect fashion designer?

Here our TOP 3 of the best and most experienced Peruvian fashion designers.

They take part in international fashion shows, are well recognized worldwide and they can prepare a customized and original wedding dress for you.

Meche Correa

Internationally recognized Peruvian designer with more than 15 years of experience in the fashion industry, famous for introducing patterns from Peruvian handicrafts in her creations.  She has been appointed “Marca Peru’s Ambassador” from the Peruvian government and she is extremely well known in the United States, Spain, France, Mexico, Italy and other countries. We can guarantee you that she is one of the best choices if you are looking for a unique, original and personalized wedding dress. Ready to meet her?




78850abd75c2799bc6d98f991da2beb9                              27c805e0e4d0c4a74417115b58d630ee

Fatima Arrieta

She participated in several fashion shows in Paris, Mexico city, United States with collections strongly inspired to Peruvian culture. She has been awarded with several prizes, such as the All America Award, Hispanic Designer Competition, Special Fashion Design Award, Ebel Flashmode Award, etc. Thanks to her long experience in the industry she can help you with extremely valuable advices on your Peruvian-style wedding dress.

375016_315246025159009_701850683_n                              fatima-arrieta















Estela Arciniega – Atelier

She has more than 50 years of experience in the fashion industry, trying to
combine Peruvian traditions with contemporary style. She can fulfill the most demanding bride’s expectations, offering unique wedding dresses made of high quality fabrics, which will make your wedding day even more special.

vestidos-para-boda-de-dia25                               vestidos-de-boda-de-dia24