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Bridal Makeup Trends for 2017-2018

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Nowadays brides are edgier when it comes to makeup. For nighttime weddings the trend is the smokey eyes that can be made in different tones, such as gold, pink, copper, bronze or nude; the pink tones are the most used ones lately. We do not only use a range of cool tones or warm ones, but currently there is a tendency to use a combination of cold and warm tones, for example we can use grey and silver mixed with a chocolate tone for the crease to give warmth to the look. A good pair of false lashes, individuals or strips will complete the look.

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For day time weddings we can use similar tones or something more fun such as mango or cherry colors, or neutrals, but going softer with the dark tones to limit the dramatic effect of the makeup, which is more suitable for nighttime weddings. At the end, everything depends on what the bride wants, her style and the makeup she is looking for; there are brides who opt for natural makeup looks and others who choose a strong smokey eye. Let’s always keep in mind the style of the wedding: there is a big difference between a midday country wedding and a glamorous night wedding.

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As for the skin, I love the strobing technique; an illuminated skin in specific places (the highest points of the face) creates a nice 3D effect, a radiant and fresh look for the bride. Let’s forget the dull, total matte skin with a thick and cakey layer of foundation…now the trend is to have a healthy look, full of life and dimension.

Do not forget the contouring, which properly applied and perfectly blended, sculpts the face and can make you look like you lost 4 Kg. This technique sharpens and defines bride’s features to make her look even more beautiful in photos. You might need to use it moderately, so that it is not too obvious in person.

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In my opinion foundation with airbrush makeup is a perfect option for brides, either if they prefer light or full coverage. This technique uses an airbrush to apply the makeup as a spray onto the skin (makeup for airbrush is more liquid and is more pigmented); this makeup gives brides an even and smooth porcelain skin that lasts up to 24 hours. It is highly recommended for oily skin due to its long duration and a matte effect. Once applied, we can highlight the areas we prefer. It is noteworthy that this depends on the makeup artist’s technique and the products he/she uses. I always recommend having a makeup dry run or trial before the wedding to make sure that you like it and to avoid last minute issues. Other tip is not to have many hairs on the face because with this technique your face could look fuzzy, so it is always better to schedule your facial waxing before the wedding.

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As for the lips, matte lipsticks are very in, nude tones, light pink or a bit darker. The good thing is that they last very long and they do not leave the lip mark when you kiss the groom. That’s definitely the best part!

The eyebrows well defined while keeping a natural effect, let’s avoid extremely marked eyebrows since they make you look older and they just don’t look natural.
Moderation is the key.

By Fiorella Mancinelli


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Make-up Tips for Brides to Be!

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Every bride needs to be beautiful on her big day, so make-up is one of that thing that you have to consider carefully. Believe or not it’s easier that you expect, here I give you few basic tips that will save your life as bride to be!

  • Choose the correct makeup base according with the tone of your skin is the key to get a good result.


  • The eyes are extremely important, so we certainly need to highlight them. Depending on the eye color we might need to use dark, smoky or light tones.


  • Stick to the “Less is more” lemma. You cannot use too much make-up, or extremely dark tones, always remember that this is your wedding and you should appear ethereal and charming. So try to shine and enhance your natural beauty using brown shades, smoky tones, especially for green and blue eyes, and nude lips.

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  • The season is a very important factor that you should consider while choosing the right color. Light and warm colors are perfect for summer and spring, while dark and cold colors are the ideal accomplice to look beautiful in winter and autumn seasons.


  • Don´t forget the balance and harmony between the hairstyle and the makeup tones to get the correct result. This is an issue you might want to discuss with both your hairstylist and make-up artist.

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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress


Are you in that moment of the wedding planning process? I know…it’s a big deal! Choosing your wedding dress is a stressful and extremely important decision a bride needs to make. Let’s start from the color, it can also be a huge issue: “I might opt for a classic white, no wait maybe ivory is classier… and if I opt for ivory…which shade of ivory should I go for? … Or maybe a champagne tone goes more with my skin color.” We better do not mention the kind of the fabric, should I opt for an embroidered lace or for a more simple option such as satin … should I consider chiffon or tulle … and what about the accessories you might want to use???… it is a huge and apocalyptic decision! As you can see there are soooooo many things you should consider before choosing your wedding dress, but one thing is for sure: try not to make such a big deal!


The purpose of this article is to help you consider the relevant and pertinent things before making the big choice. Here a list of things you should definitely consider before going shopping for your wedding dress:

  • BUDGET: this is an extremely important issue, without money you cannot have the $ 100,000.00 dress of your dream. So prioritize and come up with a real budget for the dress. This should not include accessories, so reserve a part of budget for accessories: veils, shoes (I mean SHOES, other scary and apocalyptic issue!), jewelries, tiaras and more.
  • DO RESEARCH: you should definitely spend some time researching the web and the major bridal and wedding magazines. You will end up knowing the names of the best wedding dress designers and dreaming about haute couture wedding dresses. Other suggestion I can give you is to prepare some mood boards with what you have in mind, perhaps use Pinterest; this will help organizing your ideas. You can divide the boards based on the dress color, the dress length, the top choices and the less probable choices, etc.


  • SEASON: take in account when you are getting married. Is it a spring wedding, a winter wedding, a summer or fall wedding? This is something you got to have clear before making your choice. On the season depends the fabric you might want to use, the neckline, the accessories and much more.
  • TIME AND PLACE: you should consider at what time are you getting married, is it a day or a night wedding? Also what about the venue? Is it a rustic Hacienda, a luxury hotel ballroom or an open space with a tent? All this factors influence your wedding dress choice. For example if you are tying the knot during the daytime you can also consider a short wedding dress.

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  • LENGTH: definitely consider length as an important factor and have a clear idea of the length of the dress you are looking for. Are you looking for a floor-length wedding dress? or do you prefer a knee-length? Or what you have always dreamed of was a wedding dress train? And if this is the case, a cathedral train, a royal train or perhaps a chapel train? … So, have this clear before going shopping!
  • SILHOUETTE: you got to be honest with you and your body. Try to find the dress shape that best fits your silhouette. For example if you have some problems in the hips and thighs you should opt for a ball gown dress, if you have curves go for a mermaid dress, etc.

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A part from all the items listed above I suggest you to be honest with yourself and also to believe in your instincts, so if you feel like you have just found the dress of your dream, just go for it. Try to make it not so complicated! Also try to think outside of the box and be open to different styles, even if you have your own thoughts on the wedding dress. Many brides opt for dresses that not necessarily reflect their style. So, good luck on your wedding dress hunting!