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Tips for Eco-Friendly Weddings

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If you want your wedding to be completely eco-friendly and sustainable you should consider making some green choices to reduce your event’s effect on the environment. The key is to reduce your carbon footprint. Since sustainability is a popular concept, you can easily find green options while planning your wedding.

Here are some tips for your perfect eco-friendly wedding:

  • Wedding venue: Choose a venue whose commercial practices are sustainable. For instance, make sure they use local products, they do not use disposable plastic tableware, they implement separate collection correctly, among others.

weddding venue

  • Catering: Select caterers who use local products (vegetables, fish, meat and wine) and seasonal cuisine. Also avoid having many leftovers and opt for plated dishes if you can.

catering ecofriendly

  • Bride dress and accessories: Get a second-hand wedding dress or rent it.  Once you use it you can definitely recycle it or return it. Same apply to the bridal accessories: shoes, jewelry, tiaras, brooches, veil, among others.

wedding dress

  • Invitations: choose to send only electronic invitations, do not print them out. E-invitations are easy to create, there are plenty of free online tools you can use on the web and most importantly you can erase this item from your wedding budget, since there will be no expense. If you have to print the invitations you can opt for seed paper which is biodegradable material.


  • Name tags & Menu: if you cannot avoid having name tags, a table sitting chart and Menus, try to use recycled paper and eco-friendly inks.


  • Wedding favors: you have plenty of green choices here. From seed packets to aromatic herbs kits, from succulents to other plants, from donations to charitable organizations working to protect the environment to sponsoring the planting of a tree. You can also opt for homemade edible products, such as jams, preserves, herbs mix or tea blends, coffee blends. Other options are homemade candles, soaps or shampoo bars.

wedding favors

  • Charity registry: you can opt for a charity registry to collect donations for a specific cause instead of receiving the usual wedding presents.

charity registry

  • Flowers: instead of freshly cut flowers you can choose potted plants such as orchids or succulents, or herbs. These options can be reused at home, planted once again. Your guests could bring them home as wedding favors.


These are useful tips if you choose to opt for a green wedding, but remember that planning an eco-friendly wedding is not necessarily more difficult to plan than a less environmentally friendly event.

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Terracotta Wedding Inspiration

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Terracotta tones are one of the 2022 wedding trends, which means that we will see many desert tones, dusky pinks and several shades of brown and toffee in wedding decoration this year. Usually, a terracotta wedding is ideal if you have in mind a boho wedding, those colors really suit the boho style.

Let’s start with the bridesmaids’ dresses. You have a wide range of options to explore: from light brown to an intense rusty color, from dusky pinks to a light rose, from sand color to light orange. You have many different tones that you can also mix up together to create a multiple tones effect.


Bridal flower bouquet is also very important. Choose romantic flowers as peonies, roses, dahlias. If you want to create a rustic effect you can also think about using dried flowers. You can also add greenery, remember that sage green with terracotta tones is a perfect match.29D92D34-3E8D-4729-81BE-E282B07712BD


As for decoration, you should think about table setting first. For instance, you can consider using runners on the dinner tables and special tables, such as buffet or sweet tables. You can use different fabrics to create a boho or rustic effect, such as rustic cotton, linen or velvet. Also, here you can mix and match different tones in line with your wedding color palette. Other decoration elements you can consider are nametags, floral centerpieces, napkins, vases, lamps, candles.




Another important item is the wedding invitation. There you will give a sense of the wedding theme to your guests, so choose the invitation design carefully. Use the right font, the more romantic the best, the right terracotta tones and do not forget about the paper and how the colors look like on it. So try to do some samples before making your final decision. 02-Boho-Terracotta-Invitation



In case you plan to have a backdrop for a photo booth, do not forget to use your terracotta tones palette and add some deco elements such as pampas and light rose or desert tones flowers.



Finally, you can also have a terracotta tones wedding cake, with rust and orange shades. You can use color blocking style, or also add a touch of gold to decorate the cake, or add some desert tone blooms on top for a more elegant option. Additionally, you can go for a classic white wedding cake and just add some terracotta decoration or a beautiful topper in terracotta shades. You have plenty of options for cakes!



We hope you have the best terracotta tones inspired wedding ever! 

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2022 Wedding Color Palette Trends

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2022 needs to be a year full of joy for all, after what we have been living in the past two years, that is why we need to start planning beautiful and fabulous events again. Our work and research of the latest wedding trends never stops and we want to share with you the latest wedding color palette trends. 

  • Monochromatic weddings: just go for one color and use it for every décor element. This is certainly an unexpected and original choice for a wedding event. You can also play with different tones of the same colors. If you want your wedding to be elegant use a soft tone such as pastel blue, a blushing rose or sand color, sage green, light mauve among others. These are colors associated with the ideas of tranquility, relaxation, optimism and hope. 



  • Rust and terracotta tones: they are warm colors, very original for wedding celebration, especially for rustic wedding in beautiful haciendas or country villas. Dark orange and terracotta tones are widely used also for boho weddings in association with white tones.




  • Greenery tones: green tones are always a good idea for weddings in every season of the year. You can include them in flower arrangements but also as table setting elements or other decorations. You can associate the green tones, such as sage green, emerald green, sea green with other wonderful colors such as light rose, light blue, gold, mauve, blue navy, dusty blue as well. The combination of colors will be amazing! 




  • Neutral colors: if your goal is to have an elegant wedding celebration just go for neutral colors and you will never be wrong. For instance, you can use a champagne color, a blushing rose, ivory a neutral green, sea glass, all tender and relaxing colors for your event. These colors are a perfect match with greenery decoration, the final result will be very elegant.



  • Gold: if you are looking for a glamorous wedding gold is always an option. We know there will always be couples looking for glamour and posh decorations, so we definitely need to consider it as a must have in this trends list. This year we will see a lot of combinations of gold and neutral colors, such as light grey, ivory and classic white.




Color palettes are a very important choice to make during your wedding planning process, our suggestion is to choose a specific theme and build your mood board around it and the colors will come out by themselves.  

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The Ultimate Wedding Catering Check-list

wedding catering

Choosing your wedding caterer is a very important decision. Always remember that when it comes to food for your special day you must think twice before making a decision, and firstly you must taste the food. Food is essential for wedding reception, it is something that your guests need to enjoy, so have a big eye opened on this during your wedding planning process. Remember that the food has to be delicious and mouth watering for your special day!

catering buffet

Also, keep in mind, that usually your wedding caterer will not only provide the food for the reception, but they will also supply the tableware, silverware, they will stock the bar and manage the flow of the lunch/dinner.

catering table

Here a list of things you should consider when it comes to wedding catering:

  • Are you looking for a specific kind of food for your wedding event? If this is the case just select a little group of caterers that can provide that food. For instance if you opt for organic food, or vegan food or only fresh/raw food, or fast food style meal, or food trucks style meals, etc. These are filters you should definitely apply in case you have clear the kind of food you want to offer to your guests.

catering food

  • Once you are almost sure on your caterer decision, start asking for references. It is important that you understand what kind of chefs they have in their staff, as well as the waiters they have, how do they handle last minute issues (there are always issues to solve when it comes to wedding), what are their management and planning skills, among others. If there are negative comments on one or more of these elements, do not choose this catering company and keep searching the perfect one for your event.

catering staf

  • Make a decision on the kind of meal you want to serve. Do you prefer a served meal or a buffet style one? This decision is important for your caterer, it makes a big difference in terms of organization, equipments and also for your budget.


  • Once you book the catering supplier, always revise the contract carefully before signing it. And try to negotiate some items if you do not fully agree with them well in advance.
  • Have a tasting included on the final price you are paying. It is your right to taste all the food they are going to serve on your wedding day free of additional charges, from the appetizers to the desserts.

wedding catering reception

  • If you are planning a destination wedding it is important that you consider that your guests coming from abroad would love to taste traditional food of the country you have selected for your wedding, so include some traditional dishes, but still do not forget to include some basic continental-style dishes that your guests are familiar with, in case they are not brave enough to try a foreign dish.


  • Do you have people with food allergies, vegan guests, vegetarian guests, guests who can only eat gluten-free food or no diary food? You should comunicate well in advance this to your caterer and provedie special menus.
  • Are there kids? Prepare a list for your caterer so that he/she can supply enough meals for kids, including french fries, hambueguers, pasta, pizza, basically things that kids love and eat pleasantly.

catering kids

  • Prepare a list of beverage and cocktails you want to serve to your guests and make sure that the bar is properly stokked based on the number of your confirmed guests.

catering drinks

  • Ask your caterer to have some late night snacks ready and coordinate with them the exact hour you want them to serve the snack. The snack could include little hamburguers, french fries, or some kind of little canape. This is totally up tou you and your caterer skills.


Always keep in mind that without good food, any celebration is basically incomplete. So have a big eye open on the catering choice during your wedding planning process.