About Us

Why Peru?

Why a Peru wedding? Many couples look for a wedding in Peru as a way to have a unique wedding experience instead of staying at home. A Peru Wedding allows them to travel somewhere exotic where they can also enjoy an unforgettable vacation. Some couples are in love with Peru after a special experience and want to spend the most special day of their lives there. Others choose a Peru wedding to save money. Peru weddings often allow couples to save a significant amount of money versus a wedding in their country. They can have a royal, princess-like wedding for the same money they would spend in their hometown. The most common reason is that couples are from different backgrounds; often one is Peruvian and wants to give guests the opportunity to share his or her special background and meet the family. A Peru Wedding is the perfect way to unite Peruvian and international guests in a unique location.

A wedding in Peru is how our company started. In 2002, we organized our own wedding. Over 100 people from all over the world attended our wedding, and we took over 50 people to Cuzco as part of our wedding week. As every travel and wedding detail was perfectly organized, we decided to create the company! Since then, we have been planning trips for other couples getting married in Peru, as well as many other groups, under the Magical Cuzco Tours brand. However, due to the high request of destination weddings in Peru as well as the growing expertise of our Wedding Specialists we decided to found a new and unique brand named Say I Do in Peru.

We understand that choosing your wedding planner is a very important decision to ensure a magical experience so here are some reasons we think we are special:

  • In addition to being a company that specializes in high quality tours to Peru, we also have extensive experience in planning weddings and events, which makes us unique. We offer a full-service approach with one goal in mind: to make the planning and coordination of your wedding as simple and stress-free as possible. Due to the nature of travel in Peru, we believe a wedding in Peru requires the planning of specialists in both Peru weddings and travel.
  • As a Lima-based company with offices in Washington, D.C., we have experience working with both local providers and international clients as well as working with both Peruvian and international couples.
  • Finally, it’s the experience in planning that sets us apart from others. We will help you arrange all the details (and they are many) for your special day and making sure the most important people in your life can join in on your celebration. We work extremely hard to make sure no detail is overlooked and would accommodate special requests and different customs.


We just wanted to extend our most sincere gratitude to Magical Cuzco Tours for helping us plan our wedding. Our dream was to get married in The Monastery hotel in Cuzco and without Magic I don't think it would have been possible.
They helped organize 83 people coming from around the world, with an amazing week full of fun, discovery and adventure.
During the planning months they were available and willing to answer all of our questions and concerns. The tour guides where really nice and had a deep knowledge of Cuzco and Machu Picchu.
During the wedding week we really saw Magical Cuzco Tours really shine. That particular week in Cuzco was no ordinary week and I feel that we saw the agility, ability, knowledge, wits and grace of Magical Cuzcos associates.  During that week Cuzco had issues with a strike and it compromised transportation, tours and flowers, as well as an airplane emergency landing that created really long delays.  All issues beyond the powers of Magical, yet Magic's ability to adapt and find solutions really made a difference and we had the wedding of our dreams. (Alejandro y Carolina Figuerola)