About Us

I am the Founder and President of Say I do in Peru, a family-owned company specialized in organizing weddings in Peru. I created the company in 2002 when I organized my own wedding in Peru.  I am a Peruvian and I married Brian, a US lawyer, and we had the dream to get married in Peru with our loved ones and friends from Peru and abroad.  When we decided to get married in Peru, I searched for a company that would help me organize my wedding and who demonstrated competence with the logistics for our wedding guests.  We envisioned a wedding in Lima and a “Chaperoned Honeymoon" trip to Cuzco with all of our guests.  I either found wedding coordinators with no experience in travel or travel agencies with no experience in weddings!  I then decided to do it myself...and the task was not an easy one, it took me months to sort everything out and think about every detail.  The result was a 220 guest wedding with 122 of our friends and family traveling from all over the world attended our wedding.  We convinced 65 of these crazy guests to join us in Cuzco as part of our wedding week (that was the Chaperoned Part of the Honeymoon). My wedding, the trip to Cusco and all the related events were a big success (and my marriage has turned out pretty great as well); all our guests had a terrific time and still reminisced about the wonderful memories. You can see some snapshots from my wedding week below.

As all travel and wedding details was perfectly organized, I realized I had a knack for the business and my husband and I decided to first create Magical Cuzco Tours (our tour operator company) and later Say I Do in Peru, a company dedicated to both help you with your wedding and guest travel services, all in one place!  People can now benefit from our expertise running tours and have the wedding of their dreams in Peru, sharing this experience with the most important people in their life. Since then, we have helped many other couples getting married in Peru and we have developed a network of trusted suppliers all over the country.  We have been doing this crazy business for more than 12 years and there is very little we haven’t seen and almost no problem we can’t solve (the caveats are from my husband the lawyer). We are completely committed to managing each and every detail for your special day including planning all the wedding related events, being in charge of your guests’ trip to Peru, organizing and customizing special itineraries for them while in Peru (no one should miss out the marvels of Peru), and of course ensuring that your special day is a big success.

We have learned that in order to make a destination wedding in Peru possible, you will need in addition to extensive experience in planning weddings, an expertise in organizing high quality tours to Cusco, Machu Picchu and Peru.  Say I Do in Peru is a division of our company Magical Cuzco Tours, a travel company that specializes in creative and unique tours to Peru.  This allows us to have complete control of all the details of the event from start to finish as well as taking care of the side tours for your wedding guests.  My family has been in the Peruvian tourism industry for over 30 years, my parents are owners of several hotels in the country.


My extremely qualified and caring staff can offer you a full-service approach with one goal in mind: to make the planning and coordination of your wedding as simple and stress-free as possible.  Due to the nature of travel in Peru, we believe a wedding in Peru requires the planning of specialists in both Peru weddings and travel. We work extremely hard to make sure no detail is overlooked and would accommodate special requests and different customs.


If you dream of a destination wedding in Peru, we would love to work our magic to make your dream comes true!