Guest Travel Services

Travel Experts

Our professional wedding and travel specialists are bilingual and have over 10 years of experience planning successful Peru Weddings and group travel. They cater to the needs of both Peruvian and international travelers, and they will take care of you and your guests from start to finish!
You can check our Travel Agency website to have an idea of the tours we offer.

Guest Travel Before/After the Wedding:

Most people coming to your Peru wedding will want to go to Machu Picchu, so part of our job is to arrange a pre- or post-wedding tour and travel package for your guests. In addition, we can arrange extension tours for those looking into extending their stay to other destinations and create a separate itinerary for EACH of your guests.

One-on-one Assistance to the guests:

We work with each of the guests on their specific requirements. One person from our team manages all the details, and he or she personally customizes tours as needed. That way you don’t have to worry about answering several people and worrying about several small details that we can solve, while we constantly keep you in the loop.

Wedding Itinerary & Travel Packages

Wedding Itinerary

Your Peru Wedding Specialist will work closely with you to design the perfect wedding itinerary for you and your guests.  In addition, we usually recommend that you choose a standard trip, such as a 4 day-3 night package in Cuzco). Based on what you would like to organize for your guests, we will work with them independently and customize their tours to fit their budget and preferences. 

Travel Packages for you and your guest

We offer travel packages in Lima, Cusco, and any other destination you choose.  Your Peru Wedding specialist will work with airlines and hotels to offer the best packages for you and your guests, which you may consider as a “Chaperoned Honeymoon.”  This includes private city tours for your group with bilingual guides, all entrance tickets, transportation, and optional activities and group meals. We will provide every detail for you and your guests, including a step-by-step itinerary, price, services included, and any Extension Trips. 


We help you choose the hotel for you and your guests, that usually depends on price, location, and events planned before and after the wedding. We recommend you to choose an official wedding hotel as an “operations base.” This way, all the transportation would leave from that hotel to the different events. This makes things easier for everyone (no guests lost or late). However, we can offer other price options as well to accommodate any guests’ budget—3*, 4*, and 5* accommodation levels. We only work with hotels that are in secure, central locations and recommended by us. By working with us to book their hotels, guests can ensure that they are staying “where the action is” and spending their time sharing your special day with you and your guests.

Transportation to Events & Lima/Cuzco Package

In addition to the group tours you may have in Lima or Cuzco, we will also arrange transportation for your guests to the different events during your wedding week. Based on our experience, the best way to organize group tours is to choose a date when you think your guests should arrive and create a Lima or Cuzco Package around that date. If some guests arrive earlier or later, we can customize their itineraries one-on-one. This allows us to coordinate group transportation and guarantees everyone is on time at all events.

Domestic/International Tickets

We have access to special rates for international airfare, as well as domestic flights within Peru. We can coordinate flights for your guests, or they can book them independently and we will arrange their transport to and from the airport.

Save the Date

In the U.S., the bride and groom usually send a pre-invitation letter to their guests to explain all the details related to the wedding: where to stay (they usually have already a hotel of choice), as well as time and location of all events so the guests can plan accordingly.  We help you to put this together since this document usually includes information on the Lima and Cuzco packages and/or any other extension trips. The “Save the Date” letter may be sent by you but includes our contact information so the guests contact us directly.

RSVP & Individual Assistance to each Guest

We will provide help with your guest list manage the RSVPs for your wedding.  Guests will contact us to let us know their arrival date, which hotels they choose, number of travelers, etc.  We will every travel detail for you and provide weekly reports on each of your guests.  We will also assist each of your guests in their individual needs.

Additional Services

24/7 assistance

We provide 24/7 assistance while guests are in Peru to ensure your wedding travel goes smoothly. We also have an emergency Peru telephone to contact us at any time while traveling.Once guests confirm their travel, we are here to assist them with any questions or concerns before and during the trip.  We send a detailed list of Travel Tips so that guests are prepared before they arrive to Peru.

Credit Card Payment

Our Company is based in the U.S., with offices in Peru, so we accept major U. S. and international credit cards and can process them in the U.S. This also gives clients “peace of mind” in not having to send money to an unidentified account in Peru.

800 Number

We have both a toll-free number and U.S. direct numbers so your guests can contact us without having to make an international call. Your guests can call our Operations team and wedding coordinator at any time.