Wedding Ideas


Wedding Photo-boot is one of the latest wedding trends! It is a nice and funny idea for you and your guests and a way to preserve great memories of your wedding day. First step: look into backdrop options; you will have to find something in line with your wedding’s theme, in case you do not have a special theme, just go for something that reflects your color palette. A part from the backdrop you can also use some furniture and balloons or sparkling signs. It is essential that you do not forget photo booth props, such as mustache bash, signs, word or letter stickers, frames. Follow this simple rule choosing your props: the cutest the better! If you do not have a professional photographer to handle it, you can simply go for a DIY photo booth, by using a tripod with a Polaroid or a digital camera. You can also have your own hashtag so that guests who use instagram can share pictures of your wedding.