Wedding Ideas


You are dreaming of having a wonderful outdoor wedding in a beautiful setting? Start looking into your wedding colors palette, which can be light or warm tones, magnificent and impressive flowers arrangements, elegant chairs decoration and petals…lots of! The first step is to think about the weather in that specific moment of the year, and plan everything accordingly.  If it is going to be crazy hot you do not want your guest to get sunburn, so provide them with their own fans and parasols.  Possibly it will rain so think about using a carp or having a backup plan such as an indoor area in the same venue. Add some decorations in line with the settings, bring citronella candles and repellent since you are outdoor and you do not want your guests to be bitted by mosquito or other little insects, and provide them with sunblock cream, in case you are getting married in summer time. The last thing we suggest is to think about yourself and your outfit, try to be prepared for the weather and choose the right accessories!