Wedding Ideas


Are you up for a vintage wedding?The key is to choose a beautiful and bohemian outdoor setting with elegant retro decorations, miss-matched furniture, birdcages, wooden signs, lace tablecloths and pail colors’ palettes. Vintage weddings now have become common place in the wedding style world. You may need to start from the wedding invitation and choose a creamy or ivory paper with a vintage print. Also carefully choose the right dress, ivory color is highly recommended, with nice hair accessories, definitely use a bird-cage veils, which is a must have to build your vintage style. Also use some accessories from your mother or grandma’s closet. Use wooden furniture, mismatched is better, and go for pail colors. As centerpieces you can use a very basic glass jair with few little flowers or a specific old object, depending on the theme you are choosing. Also go for lanterns and birdcages with flowers inside in the reception area to create a cozy atmosphere. Always remember that vintage wedding never go out of fashion!