Wedding Ideas


When it comes to the guest book, be creative is the key! There will always be a bunch of guests who has no inspiration to write on your guest book, and the purpose is not to have 20 pages full of very similar and boring notes! The guest book should be full of funny memories of people who share your special day with you. That is why you can ask your guests to take a “selfie” with a Polaroid camera and paste it in a special photo book with a little note for bride and groom! Or you can just use a funny material for them to write a thought about you, such as shells, especially if you are planning to get married in a beach-front venue, little smooth rocks, or a map or globe, if you are a traveler, or another significant object for you and your partner. Also you can just ask guest to leave their finger prints on a paper with washable ink pads and wet wipes so that guests can clean up their fingers avoiding messy situations.