Wedding Ideas


Are you planning a romantic wedding with soft, pastel colors and a lot of flowers arrangements? You just have to find the perfect venues, better if it has an outdoor space, since a romantic wedding is definitely better in an outdoor setting. For your ceremony arrange a romantic set-up with a little carp decorated with tons of little flowers and add a blanket of petals down the aisle. For the reception use a romantic carp, better if cascading and with light fabric, such as tulle or organza, white linen tablecloth covered with a colored organza overlay, depending on the color palette you are going to choose for your wedding day, and use flowers to decorate the chairs. Also go for elegant and massive flowers arrangements, with roses, tulips, orchids and calla lilies, better if you use high and thin vases. To sum up, for perfect romantic wedding magnificent and sophisticated draperies, romantic pale tones and flowers are definitely the must-have.