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Red and White Wedding Inspiration

wedding cake

A red and white wedding never goes out of fashion because red is the color of passion and romance and it is quite glamour to use it for a wedding reception. Here some snapshots from one of our wedding celebrations where red and white were the colors selected for the occasion by bride and groom.


The bride opted for a classic bouquet with red and white flowers wrapped with a thin white ribbon. This is a very simple and elegant bouquet, ideal for an intimate outdoor wedding. Be sure to have everything ready before picking the flowers for your bouquet because this needs to be in line with all the other decoration elements of your wedding.

read and white inspiration

The wedding cake was very simple, a 1-tier cake covered in white fondant and topped with little red flowers decoration and wrapped with a tiny red ribbon made of fondant. Due to the rustic style of the wedding we decided to place the cake on a wooden base, and to add two little glass vases on the table.

read and white decoration
A part from the wedding cake bride and groom decided to have some red velvet cupacakes topped with white fondant and a little red flower. They were soooo cute!


To keep going with the red details, the table setting had several red accents: you can see the napkins and the little flowers centerpiece, which brings a romantic atmosphere to the rustic reception ballroom. It is important to stick with little decoration elements if you choose strong colors such as red, otherwise it could be way tooooo much.


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Five Centerpiece Ideas for your Wedding Reception

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Centerpiece is always going to catch the attention of your guests, so in this article I’m going to give you 5 tips for picking the perfect flower centerpiece for your reception tables.

1Looking at the color tones is essential, especially considering the venue you pick. It could be a beach wedding, an outdoor wedding, a hacienda wedding or a wedding in a Hotel ballroom, and there are color schemes that are more suitable for an outdoor wedding than for a wedding hosted in a hotel ballroom for example, so keep this in mind! You can certainly use light colors for your flower centerpiece for an outdoor or a beach wedding, and intense color tones if your wedding will be hosted in a ballroom.

Five Centerpiece Ideas for your Wedding Reception #2Also remember that the centerpiece plays an important part in your wedding photo session so try to combine it with other colors elements, such as your bouquet, details of your wedding dress, colors of your bridesmaids’dress, etc.

3The type of flowers to choose is also another detail you should consider. First of all you should get information on the types of flowers available on that season and in the country you decided to get married. As for Peru I always suggest to brides to opt for Peruvian flowers, which are exotic and very colorful. Brides usually love them!

Five Centerpiece Ideas for your Wedding Reception #4It´s not necessary to spend a lot of money in flowers, you can have a great result using a lot of greenery for example. This could be a good option if your budget is not so flexible.

Five Centerpiece Ideas for your Wedding Reception #5Flower vase is another element you should select, this choice is important since this complements how your centerpiece will look like. So consider the size, the color, the material and the decoration. All these details need to be in harmony with the venue and the color palette you chose.

Five Centerpiece Ideas for your Wedding Reception #6

Five Centerpiece Ideas for your Wedding Reception #7

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Romantic, Stylish and Elegant Blue Tones Color Palette


The blue tones combined with green accents are perfect for a summer wedding, this is a fresh and elegant color for a romantic bride.

In this wedding we loved how different tones of blue combined together, especially for the bridesmaids’ dresses and the awesome flowers bouquets with long multicolored and flowy ribbons. They were really fabulous! Blue tones were everywhere at this wedding: the cake topper, flowers decorations at the ceremony, bride’s shoes (so stylish!!!), photobooth backdrop and much more!


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5 Ideas for Wedding Chair’s Decorations


Organizing a wedding is not simple; however I actually enjoy doing it, not because I am a masochist, but because I am in love with details!

The atmosphere must be exactly the one that bride and groom want and nothing can be overlooked. How do I create a special atmosphere, well…decoration is a big part of it! Using the right decoration details is the key to have a successful wedding.

One of the things that should not be overlooked is the chair to be used and its decoration. Chair and chair decorations have a very important role, and the decoration elements used need to be in line with bride and grooms’ tastes and colors scheme.  Here are 6 ideas for chairs’ decoration that I hope will inspire you.

A sophisticated and elegant wedding

Her we use a black ribbon to décor reception chairs closed with a precios and sparkling elastic band. The lace ribbon really makes the difference and added a special color touch to all the wedding reception setting.




Black, gold and white color scheme

In this wedding I used a combination of different kind of chairs, classic gold chairs for wedding ceremony with black and white striped cushions, gold chairs with black cushions and crystal chairs with white cushions. It was actually a perfect combination. In this wedding chairs were a great value added to decoration and we did not add any details to decorate them, since they already played their own role in the reception setting._MG_0134

Outdoor wedding. This was a very special wedding as it was held just to receive the New Year! One of the colors that prevailed in the decoration was the gold, so I decided to use gold chairs with a little flowers arrangement made of a white rose, gypsophila and a white ribbon.

W0369 Chiquita Green 0504

Country and Elegant wedding

Here I decided to opt for wooden white chairs, perfect for an outdoor wedding in a beautiful hacienda. It is recommended to opt for wood especially if you are in a country setting and the reception is for example in a big garden.



Elopement in Cusco

In addition to organizing large weddings, we also arrange romantic and memorable elopements in the most authentic and beautiful places in Peru.

This wedding was held in Cusco and the chairs were a great detail for this intimate celebration, we opt for white wrought  iron chairs.

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The best of our 2016 weddings


So the 2016 is over and it was a great year, full of challenges and successful destination weddings in Peru. Me and my team worked extremely hard to satisfied and fulfill all of our bride and groom’s requests. At Say I Do in Peru we believe that we cannot start a new year without looking back at what we have done so far and making a point on what we have done well or wrong, what we have learnt and what we have achieved the past year.

In 2016 we have learnt that there are no obstacles impossible to overcome and we actually worked hard to achieve our couples wedding goals. We have learnt that each couple is different, each couple has their special point of views and it has a special way to deal with the wedding planning process. I have grown up a lot this year personally and professionally and I am extremely proud of what I have achieved and the wonderful weddings I have planned in Peru’s most amazing destinations!

The idea of this article is to collect the best moments, details, decorations of our 2016 weddings and it is indeed an opportunity to make you people understand what is my work about!


So here the most amazing sweet table from a wedding I organized in November, with French macarons, decorative macarons towers, chocolate truffles, tarts (lemon, chocolate, pecan), traditional “alfajores”, a Peruvian sweet filled with “dulce de leche”, and much more. This special table, placed at the entrance of the reception area, was decorated with white orchids, glass vases filled with water and white candles, the impact was awesome and the sweets were deliciousssss! The theme of the wedding was Art Deco so the decorative elements added were in line with it, therefore we can see geometrical patterns structures, black, white and gold color scheme and white orchids, the bride’s flower choice for the entire wedding event.




Here the most amazing scenery of 2016, this picture say it all. This is an elopement in the middle of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, organized in a beautiful property nearby the Urubamba River. We found this stunning venue for this lovely couple after a visit in the area and we felt in love with this colonial church and the beauty of the well-maintained grounds. On top of that, the presence of the Andes makes this venue even more charming. The tent structure was actually really simple, since the aim was to preserve the beauty of the place itself. We add few flower decorations on the tent and we opt for this elegant white wrought iron chairs. The result was amazing, as you can see.

1 (115)



Here the most elegant ceremony tent for this couple who wanted to get married in a beachfront location. We selected Paracas as destination and it was easy to create this elegant and sophisticated wedding atmosphere there. White, light grey and taupe were the main colors for this wedding celebration by the Pacific Ocean. The white chairs, the elegant chair decorations, the white petals on the aisle and the white and greenery tent give the setting a magnificent elegance, enriched by the Ocean breeze and the light blue clean sky.

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This is without doubt one of the most amazing wedding shot of 2016, we love the symmetry of the elements and how the colors combined with the background. This snapshot absolutely summarizes what an Andean wedding is, what are the mysticism and intimacy behind this kind of ceremony and the brightness of the colors of that moment. The venue selected was located in Cusco, it was a ground area rounded by Incas walls, a very quiet place, ideal for this kind of intimate ceremony.




The wedding cake has always a special place in a wedding celebration, it is a decorative element so it needs to be beautiful, but of course it also needs to be delicious! Here one of our favorite from 2016 wedding, this wedding cake was actually an art piece, with the perfect flowers decorations and the two doves as topper, to represent the romance and kind of the bride and groom’s love. In Greek mythology doves are associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love, who was always depicted with doves fluttering around or on her arms; we really loved the romance and the idea beyond this unique wedding cake.


We also loved this romantic entrance of bride and groom to the hacienda we selected for their wedding. This was a beautiful country wedding nearby Lima and we loved how all the rustic and country elements combine between each other to recreate the perfect atmosphere of a Peruvian Hacienda wedding. This white carriage was the cherry on top of the cake, and all the wedding guests were totally amazed by the beauty of the horse and the carriage’s flower decorations.W1A_4877

This is just a little part of our 2016 weddings and I feel extremely proud of the job I have done, and happy to be part of these couples’ life forever… but now let’s start focusing on the 2017 weddings, I need to get back to work! 😀

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Chronicles from a New Year’s Eve Wedding


Last year I received a very special request, a couple wanted to get married on December the 31st and I actually was a bit concern about the date at first. My concern was related to few points:

  1. This is a crazy time of the year; people in the event organization industry are extremely busy with their New Year’s Eve celebrations and it is going to be extremely challenging for me to find suppliers available that day!
  2. Most suppliers will charge twice as much the normal price and if we are lucky enough, sometimes they charge triple! And it would be hard to negotiate a good service for a fair amount of money in this time of the year!
  3. This must definitely be a SPECIAL MOMENT, not only for the couple, but for all the wedding guests! And when I say SPECIAL MOMENT I really mean it in this occasion! You know December the 31st is the most important day of the year for many people and they have high expectations on how to celebrate it!

Despite my concerns, I immediately started thinking about things to do to overcome all of these points and at the end, I was actually pretty surprised and satisfied of how things turn out.  All run so smoothly. First, I tried hard to negotiate fair prices with suppliers in behalf of the couple and I started looking into marvelous venues. The venue needed to be outstanding for such a special occasion! After finding the perfect ballroom in the heart of Lima’s business district I started to look into decorations and the entire reception schedule. Bride and groom obviously wanted to have a New Year’s Theme wedding, so here a couple of items that you cannot miss for this kind of event:

  • Glitter: when thinking about the color scheme do not forget that glitter is a very important element, so go for a silver and gold, black and silver, black and gold kinds of color palette. In this occasion bride and groom decided to opt for a black and gold color palette and it worked extremely well. Also guests’ dress code sticks with these colors as well, which was nice especially for the pictures.



  • Bubbles: this is an essential element of the celebration! Generally you cannot run out of Champaign or any kind of sparkling wine for your wedding celebration, imagine if your event is on New Year’s Eve! This cannot be a possibility! I suggest you to be prudent and order more Champaign than the one you would order for a normal wedding. Keep in mind that this is a special day and all the people will party hard and they might choose to drink Champaign all night considering the occasion. You can also consider the idea of a Champaign tower.


  • Midnight Toast: my advice here is “have a plan” for the midnight toast! This should be a special moment and you might want to arrange a nice countdown. So coordinate with the Dj some sort of countdown and a hit to play at midnight, also you can arrange a balloon drop using gold and silver balloons, always stick with your color scheme! Be creative and find a way to make this a very special moment for your guests, and remember they are there to celebrate your union, but also to celebrate New Year’s Eve!

W0369 Chiquita Green 1478

  • Sparklers: even though the majority of venues do not allow sparklers and fireworks, if you are lucky and find one that allows them, use it since they are a staple for this kind of celebration. And they also help you creating a very special atmosphere; you will have great pictures with the lighting they create, so if you can go for them!

841affbe7e83db5d9d8af9fa90d8d851      73e2831a6046b90f3239f65de4cd5cdc

  • Party Props: do not forget that people want to have fun and party that day, so buy New Years’ Eve party items, such as glitter hats, noisemakers, party horns, confetti poppers, silver and gold tiaras, and New Year ’s Eve crowns. They will certainly add festivity to your wedding celebration and you will have fun pictures of your event! If you are planning to have a Photobooth the New Year’s Eve theme will be a great plus and your funny pictures awesome!

W0369 Chiquita Green 1243

You are still on time to plan your New Year ’s Eve wedding to welcome the 2018, so why don’t you start right now? As always if you have questions or you want to get married in Peru, contact me at and I will be happy to help you with your destination wedding celebration!

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Top tips for a very special Christmas wedding in Peru


So, it’s that time of the year again!!! I love Christmas and what better than getting married during Christmas time? Imaging mixing the Christmas atmosphere with the most important moment of your life…what an awesome moment would be!!!

As wedding planner I am always excited when couples ask me to organize a Christmas wedding, especially for destination weddings in Peru, since here is summertime and it would be a very different Christmas for you and the majority of your guests that are used to have a winter Christmas. Imaging if you could celebrate Christmas on the beach in flip flops … well of course use flip flops after your wedding! 😀  Getting married in this part of the hemisphere on Christmas time is amazing guys! Also Christmas time is a holiday season, the majority of people have some days off from work, so potentially your guests will be able to travel for your wedding celebration, especially if you are thinking about a destination wedding. As you can see there are lots of pros to get married during Christmas time.


I want to share some tips on how to have a very special Christmas wedding celebration, so that maybe Christmas 2017 could become an option for you.

First of all spread Christmas cheer but do not exaggerate! It is fine to use some decoration details, such as tiny Christmas hats, pinecones, but please do not feel your reception area with Santa climbing the walls, or the windows! 😀  You can certainly stick with traditional Christmas colors, such as red, green and gold, but use some neutral decoration too. For instance you can use Peruvian handicraft to decorate the reception area as well. Just to remember your guests that you are getting married in Peru.





Also do not forget to have a wonderful Christmas tree in your wedding reception venue. You can also use Christmas little balls with the name of your guests and ask them to hang them on the tree. This way you will have a very special and personalized tree!  Do not forget to add a Peruvian traditional decoration for the tree, for example little balls covered by traditional Peruvian fabric



Use many lights and candles, but please do not go lights mad! Lights are essential for Christmas time; use them wisely for your ceremony and reception venues. You might hang the lights around columns, in case the venue you selected has them, or if you have stairs just light up the two sides of the stairs. If you are having an outdoor reception you can use lights to decorate trees and hang them all around the reception area. The effect would be awesome!



Add a special Christmas touch to the flower decorations, especially to the table centerpieces! Use Poinsettia, which is typical at this time of the year. It is available in different red shades, it will bring a splash of red and green to the reception tables and believe me no flowers says Christmas like the amazing Poinsettia. You can use it as centerpieces combines with moss and white, beige or gold aromatic candles, you can also combine Poinsettia with succulent and cactus, especially if you decide to get married in Peru this could be a good option, or you can place a Poinsettia flower directly on the plate, or the napkins, you really have plenty of choices.




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Peruvian-style Wedding Cakes


When planning a destination wedding main goal is to stick with traditions, culture and customs of the country who is hosting your wedding celebration. To my experience, it is always very important for our couples to include the “Peruvian essence” in their wedding ceremony and reception. This is extremely important since your guests will be travelling here and they really want to go back home with a full idea of what Peru can offer in terms of traditions, customs, lifestyle, people, language, food and most importantly they want to know how a wedding in Peru looks like, how do we organize wedding ceremony and reception here, how do we decorate the venue, etc.

For instance some couples choose to have a traditional Andean ceremony in a beautiful site somewhere in the Andean mountains, usually the Sacred Valley of the Incas, other couples choose to have traditional Peruvian music for their ceremony with wind instruments such as panpipes and flutes or stringed instruments like the “charango”, we also had brides who decided to wear a wedding dress enriched with a typical Peruvian embroidery or couple who wanted to use Peruvian-style decoration for their ceremony and reception, such as Peruvian fabrics used to decorate the reception venue, Peruvian flowers or cactus as centerpieces. There are many ways to recreate the “Peruvian essence”, but there is only one “sweet” way to do so: go for a Peruvian-style wedding cake!



The wedding cake is one of the main actors of the wedding reception, apart from bride and groom of course. So it is actually a brilliant idea to have a Peruvian-style wedding cake to enrich the reception setup and to add a Peruvian touch to your wedding celebration! Usually the cake is placed in the middle of the reception area on a table covered by a beautiful tablecloth in line with the wedding color-palette and with some lighting decorations or candles.

There are different ways to set-up the wedding cake table, you can add decorative elements, candles, petals, special lighting, special tablecloths, decorative birdcages, etc. … decoration is really up to you!  However I can swear that if you opt for a Peruvian-style wedding cake there will be no need to have any other decorative elements, since they could weigh the cake table down. Peruvian decorative patterns are so eccentric, colourful, vibrant that you will not need any other details than the cake itself.

You can opt for a different kind of Peruvian decoration, you can add typical Peruvian flowers or flowers of traditional colors, such as red, blue, purple and orange. These colors are the ones typically used in the famous and beautiful Peruvian fabrics sold in the market all over the country, as well as exported worldwide. As decorative elements you can also use colourful ribbons to round each cake’s tier or rustic ribbons to give the cake a country-style touch. It is also very important to choose the right topper for your cake. If you are up to a Peruvian-style wedding cake you can use a beautiful bouquet of Peruvian flowers as topper, or traditional Peruvian characters or two little llamas.


A part from white fondant you can also consider to use colourful fondant with typical Peruvian patterns decoration. Every Peruvian region has a specific pattern and design used in fabric and other handcrafts, for example in Arequipa we have big and colourful flowers, in Cusco we have little geometric patterns and so on. But the truth is that all of them are actually beautiful! This way your wedding cake will look like a traditional Peruvian fabric and your guests will definitely stair at it.



As for the flavors you can actually go for everything you like, but to stick with Peruvian tradition a cake with Brazilian nuts, raisin, candy fruits and pecans filled with “Dulce de leche” could be an option, a traditional chocolate cake filled with fudge is also another good option.

Dulcefina, one of the supplier in our network, has extensive experience preparing beautiful and elegant wedding cakes with Peruvian-style decorations, Peruvian flowers and much more. She uses to work with foreigners who wants to tie the knot in Peru and they perfectly understand all our clients’ requests. She has always fulfilled all of our couples’ requests and special requirements so far and she is extremely reliable. She has many experience in the market and we totally trust in her work. The cake models shown in this blog article are all made by Dulcefina. You can find more information on her work here

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“Hora Loca”: the perfect way to make your wedding guests dance until dawn!

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It is very common that at certain point of the wedding planning process a foreign bride or groom ended up asking me this question: “I have heard about “hora loca” from my Peruvian relatives or friends, could you please clarify what exactly is? And I always laugh out loud with my team, since this “hora loca” thing really sounds like crazy things to the majority of foreign couples, but they are always very fascinated by it! I guess the exotic side of the expression makes it very attractive to foreigners! Even thought is very common in Latin America and in Miami as well, it is actually unknown to many foreign couples.

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What exactly is “hora loca”? Why is a Peruvian weddings must-have? “Hora loca” is a transitional hour between the wedding reception and the party time, the English translation would be crazy hour. It is a way to encourage your guests to stand up and join the dance floor for a little shake! So it is basically a way to start the party, even if sometimes couple decide to have “hora loca” when the party has already started as a way to give a little boost to it! This decision is actually up to you. But one thing is true: at certain point of your wedding celebration you need to boost the party, since people will be tired after the ceremony, the cocktail, all the talks, the photos and the reception but you still want them to have fun for your special day.

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Do you remember Mardi Gras in New Orleans or Carnival in Brazil? Well, let’s say that “hora loca” is a bit like a Mardi Gras celebration mixed with Brazilian Carnival parade. You will have glow-sticks, sparkly masks, sparkly ties and hats, oversize and colorful glasses, feather boas and colorful balloons all over the reception area during “hora loca”, usually waiters will pass between the tables and distribute these party items to your guests as they pour onto the dance floor. The Dj will be ready to play the best party music ever and pump up the volume. You will have to hire dancers, stilt walkers and other kind of performers to make it spectacular.

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The “hora loca” concept evolved since the last years, you now have plenty of options of thematic shows, you can have a techno theme, an afro theme, a Peruvian “chicha” theme, 80’s theme and much more! You can also have a double “hora loca”, in this case you will have two different shows of 30 minutes each. So Carnivalesque mini-bash is a lot of fun, I can swear you that all the people will get ridiculous and this will help boost your wedding party! Never underestimate Latinos guys; we know exactly how to party!

The “hora loca” would be your surprise factor for your wedding celebration, your guests, especially international ones, will be fascinated by it no matter their background is and Peruvians will have a lot of fun! Chaos will surrounds you, happiness will appear on your guests face and you end up having a wonderful party in a special party, because the “hora loca” is actually a party in a party! So my advice if you are going to get married in Peru is only one: GO FOR IT SINCE YOUR GUESTS WILL LOVE IT AND PARTY TILL THINGS GET CRAZY!

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Photography: Maik Dobiey

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Ocean Breeze: a romantic color palette for a beach wedding

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Light blue and pink tones are a perfect combination if we want to create a sophisticated and romantic atmosphere. If we add some green detail for example foliage in the flowers we can reach the perfect contrast for a fun, elegant and romantic beach wedding.


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Bridesmaids can opt for neutral colors dresses which perfectly combined with location while the bride will opt for a white dress like the ocean’s foam.


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And do not forget about the shoes!

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This is an extremely important detail…we suggest to opt for gold and white shoes.

The groom can opt for a cream suit, which will be perfect at the bride’s side. Better with some color details which will drow guests attention.

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These tones are very appropriate to the location, since they allow to recall the ocean breeze, its freshness and its romantic side.